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Sporting Trophies
Churchman's Cigarettes - 1927

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8"; a large-format 12-card set
was also issued by Churchman in the same year  Thanks to Maple Leaf
Collectibles for the checklist!

No.   Title                                        Sport

  1   The King's Cup                               Air     
  2   The Schneider Trophy                         Air     
  3   The Duke of York's International Trophy      Motor-boat Racing     
  4   A "Lonsdale Championship Belt"               Boxing     
  5   The Waterloo Cup                             Coursing     
  6   The Football Association Cup                 Association Football     
  7   The Football League Championship Cup         Division I - Association Football     
  8   The Football Association Amateur Cup         AssociationFootball     
  9   The Amateur Football Association Cup         Association Football     
 10   The Army Football Association Cup            Association Football     
 11   The Scottish Football Association Cup        Association Football     
 12   The Calcutta Cup                             Rugby Football     
 13   The Inter-Hospitals Football Challenge Cup   Rugby Football     
 14   The Army Rugby Union Cup                     Rugby Football     
 15   The Open Golf Championship Cup
 16   The Amateur Golf Championship Cup            Golf     
 17   The Walker Cup                               Golf     
 18   The Grand Challenge Cup                      Amateur Rowing     
 19   The Diamond Challenge Sculls                 Amateur Rowing     
 20   H.M. The King's Prize                        Rifle Shooting     
 21   The Elcho Shield                             Rifle Shooting     
 22   The Ashburton Shield                         Rifle Shooting     
 23   The Daily Telegraph Cup                      Marching and Shooting     
 24   The Davis Cup                                Lawn Tennis     
 25   The America Cup                              Yachting     

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