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World of Sport
Lambert & Butler Cigarettes - 1927

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8" and were produced for
overseas distribution.  Card fronts feature sepia-tone photographs and
card backs feature descriptive text.  Thanks to Maple Leaf Collectibles
for the checklist!

No.   Title                          Sport

  1   Call Boy                       Horseracing  
  2   The New Zeland Team            Cricket  
  3   Tom Reece                      Billiards
  4   Golden Seal                    Coursing  
  5   Abe Mitchell                   Golf  
  6   Capt. Charles Lindbergh        Flying
  7   C.T. Van Geyzel                High Jump  
  8   The Old Berkeley Coach         Coaching  
  9   Montreal Victorias             Ice Hockey
 10   Broncho                        International Horse Show  
 11   Com. R.E. Byrd                 Flying, shown with Charles Lindbergh and Chamberlin  
 12   Embargo                        Horsercing
 13   Capt. Charles Lindbergh        Flying  
 14   The Greyhounds                 Greyhound Racing  
 15   W.R. Hammond                   Cricket
 16   W.T. Tilden                    Lawn Tennis  
 17   Clarence Chamberlin            Flying  
 18   W.L. Handley                   Motor Cycling
 19   William Smith                  Billiards  
 20   H.R.H. The Prince of Wales
 21   Mrs. L.A. Godfree              Lawn Tennis
 22   Dr. William Tweddell           Golf  
 23   W.T. Tilden                    Lawn Tennis  
 24   The Leaders                    Steeplechasing
 25   H.R.H. The Duke of York        Tennis  
 26   Harold M. Abrahams             Long Jump  
 27   Miss Wills                     Lawn Tennis
 28   T.C. Lowry                     Cricket  
 29   Edgar M. Baerlein              Tennis  
 30   Cambridge University B.C.      Cambridge University Crew
 31   Senorita D'Alvarez             Lawn Tennis  
 32   Gerald L. Patterson            Lawn Tennis  
 33   J. Brugnon                     Lawn Tennis
 34   Mickey Walker                  Boxing  
 35   R.T. Lee                       Sculling  
 36   Tommy Milligan                 Boxing
 37   Major H.O.D. Segrave           Motor Racing  
 38   Miss Helen Wills               Lawn Tennis  
 39   Roger H. Wethered              Golf
 40   Lord Wodehouse                 Polo  
 41   Hon. I.D. Campbell-Gray        Epee - Fencing  
 42   Frank H. Wyld                  Cycling
 43   Mlle. De La Chaume             Golf  
 44   Lewis Lacey                    Polo  
 45   The Hare                       Greyhound Racing
 46   Quinine                        International Horse Show  
 47   D.G.A. Lowe                    Running  
 48   Devereux Milburn               Polo
 49   Teddy Baldock                  Boxing  
 50   J. Weismuller                  Swimming

©2003 Maple Leaf Collectibles, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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