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Lawn Tennis Celebrities
   Gallaher Ltd. - 1928
   Reprinted 1997 - Card Promotions

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature full-
colour artwork and card backs feature descriptive text.

No.   Title

  1   Mrs. L. A. Godfree                             Née Miss McKane
  2   Miss N. Trentham
  3   C. H. Kingsley
  4   Mrs. Beamish
  5   O. G. N. Turnbull, M.C.
  6   Mrs. Satterthwaite
  7   Senorita Lilli de Alvarez
  8   Miss Joan Ridley
  9   D. M. Greig
 10   C. G. Eames
 11   Miss E. Goldsack
 12   Mrs. Mavrocodato
 13   L. A. Godfree
 14   Mrs. Lambert Chambers                          Née Douglass
 15   P. D. B. Spence
 16   Mdlle. Suzanne Lenglen
 17   Jean Borotra
 18   Mlle. H. Contostavlos
 19   Miss Elizabeth Ryan
 20   E. Higgs
 21   Miss Evelyn Colyer
 22   Miss Helen Wills
 23   Miss K. Bouman                                 Holland
 24   Mrs. G. Peacock                                S. Africa
 25   Henri Cochet                                   France
 26   E. A. Dearman
 27   J. C. Gregory
 28   Miss E. L. Heine
 29   R. Lycett
 30   Mrs. M. Watson
 31   H. W. Austin
 32   F. C. Hunter
 33   Miss P. Saunders
 34   G. R. O. Crole-Rees
 35   Mrs. Colegate
 36   Miss Betty Nuthall
 37   Lieut.-Col. A. R. F. Kingscote, M.C.
 38   Vincent Richards                               U.S.A.
 39   Jean René LaCoste
 40   J. D. P. Wheatley
 41   Hon. C. Campbell
 42   Miss Joan Fry
 43   Mrs. Mallory                                   Née Moltá Bjurstedt, U.S.A.
 44   W. M. Washburn
 45   Miss Eileen Bennett
 46   Takeichi Harada                                Japan
 47   J. Brugnon
 48   J. B. Gilbert
 49   W. T. Tilden
 50   Mrs. R. Lycett                                 Née Miss Joan Austin

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