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Wonders of the Sea
  Wills's Cigarettes - 1928
  Reprinted 2000 - Card Collectors Society

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Thanks much to
Kyle DeRoy for the original checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Dolphins at play, a common sight in the Mediterranean
  2   The Marine Iguana, the only sea lizard in the world
  3   The Elephant Seal, which inflates its trunk like a toy-balloon
  4   Yellow-bellied Sea-Snake, a poisonous marine serpent dreaded by fishermen
  5   The Sperm Whale, which is sometimes found in British waters
  6   A Penguin Diving. A bird which walks and swims, but cannot fly
  7   The Blue Angel-Fish, a resplendent inhabitant of coral reefs
  8   The Development of the Elver, one of Nature's mysteries which has only recently been solved
  9   A Fierasfer; the beautiful tomb of an unwelcome intruder
 10   The Red Fire-Fish, an extraordinary inhabitant of tropical seas
 11   The Frog-Fish, a grotesque inhabitant of the Sargasso Sea
 12   The Sack-throated Whip-Tail, which frequently falls a victim to its own  greed
 13   The Sail-Fish, which has a fin like a boat's sail
 14   The Shark Sucker, which tours the seas as a dead-head passenger
 15   The Sun-Fish, one of the most grotesque of fishes
 16   The Octopus, the repulsive "Devil-fish" of romance
 17   The Crab, "Melia," which carries Sea-Anemones about in its claws
 18   The Giant Crab of Japan, which resembles an enormous spider
 19   The King Crab, a strange link with the remote past
 20   The Skeleton Shrimp, a grotesque creature which lives among sea-weeds 
 21   The Spiny Spider Crab, which decorates itself with seaweed
 22   Development of the Jelly-Fish - 1. A remarkable family history
 23   Development of the Jelly-Fish - 2. A remarkable family history - continued
 24   A Large Jelly-Fish, with its "nursery" of young Horse-Mackerel
 25   The Argonaut, an ocean navigator which sometimes leaves its beautiful  vessel
 26   The Basket-Fish, a Star-Fish which climbs up coral-branches
 27   The Carrier-Shell, with its protecting barricade of shells, coral, etc.
 28   A Giant Sea-Anemone, which affords shelter to fishes and crabs
 29   A Sea-Slug, which changes colour as its food varies
 30   A Sea-Spider, a blind sea-animal
 31   A Sea-Squirt, one of the most brightly-luminous of living creatures
 32   Thick-spined Sea-Urchin, a well-protected inhabitant of the sea
 33   Neptune's Cup Sponge, one of the largest Sponges known
 34   The Pearly Nautilus, the beautiful shell of which is often seen in Museums
 35   Scallops Swimming, by rapidly opening and closing their valves
 36   A Star-Fish opening an Oyster. A "tug-of-war" where the odds are on the Star-fish
 37   The Giant Synapta; not a worm, but a member of the Sea-Urchin family
 38   The Watering-pot Shell; not a true shell, but an aftergrowth
 39   The Great Barrier Reef, Australia.  1,250 miles of coral-skeletons
 40   The Mushroom Coral, one of the reef-builders of tropical seas
 41   The "Sea-Fan" Coral, the beautiful skeleton of a colony of marine animals
 42   Sea-Pens, fern-like colonies of sea-animals
 43   Sargassum Weed, the drifting seaweed of the once-dreaded Sargasso Sea
 44   A Gigantic Seaweed, probably the tallest plant in the world
 45   An Earthquake Wave, one of the greatest perils of the ocean
 46   An Iceberg; magnificent but dangerous
 47   A Natural Arch; Durdle Door, Dorset
 48   Phosphorescence of the Sea; Light without heat
 49   St. Elmo's Fire, formerly much dreaded by sailors
 50   Waterspouts, a peril to ships in tropical seas
©2001, 2002, 2003 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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