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Hidden Beauties
John Player & Sons - 1929

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Title

 1    Hidden Beauties.
 2    A Plant with Spiral Bands.
 3    "Green Stars" and "Half-Bricks."
 4    The "Mouths" of a Leaf.
 5    A Pink and Hairy Skin.
 6    Circulation Currents--in Hairs.
 7    Rotation.
 8    A Miniature Forest.
 9    Pith Stars.
10    An Airing Apparatus.
11    A Leaf-Slice.
12    Wonderful Flower-Dust.
13    Catching by Hairs.
14    Expulsion by Teeth.
15    A Jerking Ring.
16    Live Mould.
17    Travelling Globes.
18    "Silent Bells."
19    Globigerinids.
20    Spiroluculinids.
21    Radiolarians.
22    A Toothsome Matter.
23    Feelers.
24    Log-Combs.
25    Eggs--of Sorts.

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