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Hints & Tips for Motorists
Lambert & Butler's Cigarettes - 1929
    Reprinted 1994 - Imperial Publishing

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Title

  1   Signals
  2   Signal for turning - Right
  3   Starting on a Steep Hill
  4   Entering a Garage
  5   Reversing through Gateway
  6   Turning on Road
  7   Test for Cylinder not Working
  8   Test for Admustment of Brakes
  9   Paraffin for Petrol
 10   Anti-freezing Mixtures
 11   A Burst Tyre
 12   Danger from Boiling Water
 13   A Spark Intensifier
 14   A Gear-box Pressure Release Valve
 15   Using Adjustable Screw-wrench
 16   Packing a Spare Tube
 17   Releasing Jammed Self-starter
 18   To Prevent a Car being Used
 19   Remedying a Slow Puncture
 20   Removing Wheels
 21   Removing Flints, etc.
 22   Emergency Repairs: Rocker-arm spring
 23   Emergency Repairs: A Damaged Petrol-pipe
 24   Emergency Repairs: A Broken Spring
 25   An Emergency Vice

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