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How to Build a Two Valve Set
   Godfrey Phillips Cigarettes - 1929

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and show how to build a 
radio - from back when tubes were required and were called "valves."  Card 
fronts feature sepia photos and drawings and card backs feature instructions. 
Thanks to cigarettecardsuk for assistance!

No.   Title

  1   The circuit chosen for this efficient 2-valve receiver ...
  2   The Panel
  3   Screwing Panel to Baseboard
  4   Fixing the Tuning Condenser
  5   Fixing Slow Motion Dial
  6   Panel with Condenser Fixed
  7   Fixing Reactor Condenser
  8   Fixing Valve Holder
  9   Bending Loop in Wire
 10   Inside of Cabinet
 11   Wiring the Filament Circuit
 12   The Earth Terminal Connections
 13   Tuning Coil Connections
 14   The Anode Connections
 15   Reaction Condenser Connections
 16   Reaction Condenser Connectionsw (Contd.)
 17   The L.F. Transformer
 18   Grid Bias Leads
 19   Battery Connections
 20   Battery Connections (Contd.)
 21   Battery Connections (Contd.)
 22   The Inductance Coil
 23   The Valves
 24   Connecting Up
 25   The Set Finished

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