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Irish Place Names, 2nd Series
   John Player & Sons - 1929

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
artwork and card backs feature descriptive text. Thanks to cigarettecardsuk for 

No.   Title, English & Old Irish              Meaning

  1   Ballinsloe, Béal-Átha-Na-Sluaigheadh    The Ford-Mouth of the Hostings
  2   Ballygowan, Baile-Ghabhann              The Town of the Smiths
  3   Bantry, Beanntraighe                    The Race of Beann
  4   Blarney, Blárna                         A Little Field
  5   Carlow, Ceatharloch                     The Four lakes
  6   Cashel, Caiseal                         A Circular Stone Fort
  7   Clonmacnoise, Cluain-Mic-Nois           The Meadow of the Son of Nos
  8   Donegal, Dun-Na-Ngall                   The Fortress of the Foreigners
  9   Drogheda, Droighead-Átha                The Bridge of the Ford
 10   Fermoy, Feara-Muighe                    The Men of the Plain
 11   Glendalough, Gleann-Da-Locha            The Valley of the Two Lakes
 12   Kanturk, Cork., Ceann-Tuirc             The Hill of the Boar
 13   Kilcullen, Cill-Cuilinn                 The Church of the Holly
 14   Kilkenny, Cill-Cainnigh                 The Church of St. Cainneach
 15   Lismore, Lios-Mór                       The Great Lis or Enclosure
 16   Macroom, Magh-Cromtha                   The Sloping Field
 17   Monaghan, Muineachán                    A Little Shrubbery
 18   Rush, Ros-Eó                            The Peninsula of the Yew-Trees
 19   Skerries, Sceire                        Sharp Sea Rocks
 20   Skibbereen, Scibirín                    A Place Frequented by Scibs (i.e. Boats)
 21   Tralee, Kerry, Traigh-Li                The Strand of Li
 22   Thurles, Durlas Ui Fogarta              O'Fogarty's Strong Fort
 23   Tipperary, Tiobraid-Arann               The Well of Ara
 24   Trim, Meath, Áth-Truim                  The Ford of the Alder-Tree
 25   Tuam, Galway, Tuaim-Da-Ghualann         The Tumulus of the Two Sjpi;ders

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