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Malayan Industries
Carreras - 1929

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Title

 1    Tapping a Rubber Tree, Malaya
 2    Sterilising Plant, Oil Palm Estate, Malaya
 3    A Malaya Rubber Estate
 4    Nipah Palm, Malaya
 5    A Banana Plant, Malaya
 6    Gutta Percha
 7    A Gambier Plant, Malaya
 8    A Malayan Coconut Estate
 9    Bucket Dredge in a Malayan Tin Mine
10    Transplanting Oil Palm Seedlings, Malaya
11    Tin Dredge in a Malayan Mine
12    Removing the "Meat" from Coconuts, Malaya
13    Pineapple Cultivation, Malaya
14    A Young Rubber Estate, Malaya
15    Transporting Pipes on a Malayan Tin Mine
16    Coconut "Nursery," Malaya
17    "Crêping" Machinery on a Rubber Estate, Malaya
18    Workers on a Rubber Estate, Malaya
19    Steam Navvy at Work in Tin Mine, Malaya
20    Areca Nut Palms, Malaya
21    Kapok Trees, Malaya
22    Drying Rattans, Malaya
23    Bagging Copra for Export, Malaya
24    Unloading Pineapples, Malaya
25    Transpaort by River on a Malayan Coconut Estate
26    Native Sugar Mill, Malaya
27    Irrigation for Rice Planting, Malaya

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