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Our Empire
The Spinet House (Hill & Archer) - 1929

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and feature photographic
images of leaders from the time.

No.   Personage

 1    H.M. The King
 2    H.R.H. Prince of Wales
 3    H.R.H. The Duke of York
 4    Parliament
 5    The Rt. Hon. James Ramsay MacDonald, M.P.
 6    The Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Trevelyan, Bt., M.P.
 7    Mr. George Lansbury, M.P.
 8    The Rt. Hon. Albert Victor Alexander, M.P.
 9    The Rt. Hon. Arthur Greenwood, M.P.
10    The Rt. Hon. Lord Sankey, G.B.E.
11    The Rt. Hon. William Adamson, M.P.
12    The Rt. Hon. Lord Parmoor, K.C.V.O.
13    The Rt. Hon. Noel Buxton, M.P.
14    Mr. J. H. Hayes, M.P.
15    The Rt. Hon. William Graham, M.P.
16    The Rt. Hon. Lord Passfield
17    The Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Ward, Bt., K.C.M.G.
18    General The Hon. James B. M. Hertzog
19    The Rt. Hon. Margaret Bondfield, M.P.
20    The Rt. Hon. Wedgwood Benn, M.P.
21    The Rt. Hon. Lord Irwin, G.C.S.L., G.C.L.E.
22    The Rt. Hon. William Lyon MacKenzie King, C.M.G., M.P.
23    Sir William A. Jowett, K.C.
24    Mr. J. H. Scullin
25    The Rt. Hon. Lord Thomson, C.B.E.
26    The Rt. Hon. Arthur Henderson, M.P.
27    The Rt. Hon. James Henry Thomas, M.P.
28    The Rt. Hon. Philip Snowden, M.P.
29    The Rt. Hon. Tom Shaw, C.B.E., M.P.
30    The Rt. Hon. John Robert Clynes, J.P., M.P.

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