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Rugby Internationals (1929)
   W.D. & H.O. Wills - 1929
   Reprinted 1996 - Imperial Publishing
   Reprinted 1999 - Card Collectors Society

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature colour 
caricatures and card backs feature descriptive text.

No.    Player                 Represents  Played for

   1   C. D. Aarvold          England     Headingley
   2   T. W. Brown            England     Bristol
   3   R. Cove-Smith          England     Old Merchant Taylors
   4   H. C. C. Laird         England     Harlequins
   5   H. G. Periton          England     Waterloo
   6   G. M. Sladen           England     United Services
   7   R. W. Smeddle          England     Blackheath
   8   R. H. Sparks           England     Plymouth Albion
   9   E. Stanbury            England     Plymouth Albion
  10   J. S. Tucker           England     Bristol
  11   D. Turquand-Young      England     Richmond
  12   H. Whitley             England     Northern
  13   H. Wilkinson           England     Halifax
  14   G. S. Wilson           England     Manchester
  15   A. T. Young            England     Blackheath
  16   J. W. Allan            Scotland    Melrose
  17   J. M. Bannerman        Scotland    Glasgow High School
  18   W. V. Berkley          Scotland    London Scottish
  19   C. H. C. Brown         Scotland    Dumferline
  20   D. Drysdale            London      London Scottish
  21   J. C. Dykes            Scotland    Glasgow Academics
  22   H. D. Greenlees        Scotland    Leicester
  23   G. P. S. Macpherson    Scotland    London Scottish
  24   J. B. Nelson           Scotland    Glasgow Academics
  25   J. R. Paterson         Scotland    Birkenhead Park
  26   W. M. Simmers          Scotland    Glasgow Academics
  27   Ian S. Smith           Scotland    Edinburgh University
  28   R. T. Smith            Scotland    Kelso
  29   Tom Arthur             Wales       Neath
  30   J. A. Bassett          Wales       Penarth
  31   H. M. Bowcott          Wales       Cardiff
  32   A. Bowdler             Wales       Cross Keys
  33   Ivor Jones             Wales       Llanelly
  34   W. Guy Morgan          Wales       Swansea
  35   J. C. Morley           Wales       Newport
  36   W. C. Powell           Wales       London Welsh
  37   Cecil Pritchard        Wales       Pontypool
  38   John Roberts           Wales       Cardiff
  39   Frank Williams         Wales       Cardiff
  40   J. E. Arigho           Ireland     Lansdowne
  41   G. R. Beamish          Ireland     Leicester
  42   R. M. Byers            Ireland     North Of Ireland
  43   S. J. Cagney           Ireland     London Irish
  44   J. D. Clinch           Ireland     United Services
  45   E. O'D. Davy           Ireland     Lansdowne
  46   J. L. Farrell          Ireland     Bective Rangers
  47   C. J. Hanrahan         Ireland     Dolphin
  48   G. V. Stephenson       Ireland     North Of Ireland
  49   J. W. Stewart          Ireland     North Of Ireland
  50   M. Sugden              Ireland     Dublin University

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