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Scientific Inventions and Discoveries
R. & J. Hill Tobacco - 1929

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and were issued in three
variations: with either full-colour or black and white portraits on card fronts,
descriptive text on card backs; and an oversized colour version.  Hill re-issued
part of the set (20 cards) with plain backs in 1934.  Thanks to Maple Leaf
Collectibles for the checklist!

No.   Title                                        Invention

  1   Hydrogen Gas Balloon                         Prof. Charles  
  2   Britannia Turbular Bridge                    Robert Stephenson  
  3   Telescope                                    H. Lippershey  
  4   Finsen Lamp                                  Professor Finsen  
  5   Mono Rail                                    Mr. Louis Brennan, C.B.  
  6   110 Ton Gun                                  Sir W.G. Armstrong  
  7   Armature                                     Sir W. Siemens  
  8   Wireless Telegraphy                          Chev. G. Marconi  
  9   First Locomotive Engine                      George Stephenson  
 10   Maxim Gun                                    Sir Hiram Maxim  
 11   Barometer                                    Evang. Torricelli  
 12   Patent Standard Compass                      Lord Kelvin  
 13   Phonograph                                   Thomas A. Edison  
 14   Lightning Conductor                          Benjamin Franklin  
 15   Safety Lamps                                 Sir. H. Davy  
 16   Reaping Machine                              McCormick  
 17   Air Ship                                     M. Santos Dumont  
 18   Electric Telegraph                           S.F.B. Morse  
 19   Liquid Air                                   Sir James Dewar  
 20   Radium                                       M. Curie  
 21   Linotype                                     Mergenthaler  
 22   Aeroplane                                    Orville & Wilbur Wright  
 23   Pile Battery                                 A. Volta  
 24   Television                                   J. L. Baird  
 25   Telephone                                    A.G. Bell  
 26   X-Ray Photography                            Prof. Röntgen  
 27   Photographic Camera                          L.J.M. Daguerre  
 28   Pendulum                                     Galileo  
 29   Steam Hammer                                 James Nasmyth  
 30   Aeroplane Gun for Firing Through Propeller   G. Constantinesco  
 31   Sewing Machine                               Elias Howe  
 32   Printing Press                               Caxton  
 33   Steam Turbine                                Sir Charles Parsons  
 34   Tunnelling Shield                            J.H. Greathead  
 35   Slotted Aeroplane Wing                       F. Handley Page  

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