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Cricketers 1930
Players' Cigarettes - 1930

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  The 1930 Ashes tour of England by 
Australia was the catalyst for this cigarette card series. This was a five test series - won 
by Australia 2 to 1. Highlights of the series include: (1) Don Bradman scoring a phenom-
enal 974 runs for the test series, including the then record of 334 in the 3rd Test; 
(2) Clarrie Grimmet taking 29 wickets over the 5 tests. Thanks much to John Rand for
the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   E. L. A'beckett (Victoria) 
  2   L. E. James (Kent) 
  3   E. H. Bowley (Sussex) 
  4   D. G. Bradman (New South Wales) 
  5   G. Brown (Hampshire) 
  6   A. W. Carr (Notts) 
  7   A. P. F. Chapman (Kent) 
  8   E. C. Clark (Northamptonshire) 
  9   Dai Davies (Glamorgan) 
 10   G. Duckworth (Lancashire) 
 11   K. S. Duleepsinhji (Sussex) 
 12   A. G. Fairfax (New Sout Wales) 
 13   P. G. H. Fender (Surrey) 
 14   A. P. Freeman (Kent) 
 15   G. Geary (Leicestershire) 
 16   A. H. H. Gilligan (Sussex) 
 17   T. W. Goddard (Gloucestershire) 
 18   C. V. Grimmett (South Australia) 
 19   N. Haig (Middlesex) 
 20   C. Hallows (Lancashire) 
 21   W. R. Hammond (Gloucestershire) 
 22   J. W. Hearns (Middlesex) 
 23   E. Hendren (Middlesex) 
 24   J. B. Hobbs (Surrey) 
 25   P. M. Hornibrook (Queensland) 
 26   A. Hurwood (Queensland) 
 27   A. Jackson (New South Wales) 
 28   V. W. C. Jupp (Northhamptonshire) 
 29   A. F. Kippax (New South Wales) 
 30   H. Larwood (Notts) 
 31   M. Leyland (Yorkshire) 
 32   S. Mccabe (New South Wales) 
 33   T. B. Mitchell (Derbyshire) 
 34   J. O'connor (Essex) 
 35   W. A. Oldfield (New South Wales) 
 36   W. H. Ponsford (Victoria) 
 37   V. Y. Richardson (South Australia) 
 38   C. F. Root (Worcestershire) 
 39   Arthur Staples (Notts) 
 40   H. Sutcliff (Yorkshire) 
 41   M. W. Tate (Sussex) 
 42   C. W. Walker (South Australia) 
 43   T. W. Wall (South Australia) 
 44   F. Watson (Lancashire) 
 45   A. W. Wellard (Somerset) 
 46   J. C. White (Somerset) 
 47   W. W. Whysall (Notts) 
 48   W. M. Woodfull (Victoria) 
 49   F. E. Wolley (Kent) 
 50   R. E. S. Wyatt (Warwickshire) 

©2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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