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Famous Boxers
   Singleton & Cole, Ltd. - 1930
   Reprinted 1992 - D&V

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature black-and- 
white photograms and card backs feature descriptive text. Set was issued in two 
versions, either numbered or unnumbered.

No.   Title

  1   Len Johnson
  2   Al Brown
  3   Frank Goddard
  4   Peter Jackson
  5   Jack Johnson
  6   Bombardier Wells
  7   Teddy Baldock
  8   Jack Hood
  9   Tommy Milligan
 10   James J. Corbett
 11   Mickey Walker
 12   Joe Beckett
 13   James J. Jeffries
 14   Len Harvey
 15   Vittorio Campolo
 16   Ted (Kid) Lewis
 17   Emils Pladner
 18   Primo Carnera
 19   Max Schmelling
 20   Tom Heeney
 21   Otto von Porat
 22   Gene Tunney
 23   Ted Sandwina
 24   Franz Diener
 25   Jack (Kid) Berg
 26   Jimmy Wilde
 27   Bob Fitzsimmons
 28   Georges Carpentier
 29   Jack Sharkey
 30   Harry Wills
 31   Jack Dempsey
 32   "Young" Stribling
 33   Phil Scott
 34   Roland Todd
 35   Frankie Genaro

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