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Jockeys, 1930
   Ogden's Cigarettes - 1930
   Reprinted 1999 - Card Collectors Society

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature standing  
portraits with jockeys in colours, and card backs feature descriptive text.

No.   Name               Colours

  1   C. Adley           Mr. F. W. Leach
  2   W. Alford          Mr. O. W. Nicholson
  3   G. Baines          Mr. F. Leach, Junr.
  4   A. Balding         Mr. R. H. Hepworth
  5   M. Beary           H.H. the Aga Khan
  6   H. Beasley         Major D. McCalmont
  7   J. Brennan         Mr. W. M. G. Singer
  8   A. Burns           Mr. J. D. Joel
  9   J. Caldwell        Mrs. D. Gardner
 10   J. Childs          H. M. The King
 11   L. Cordell         Mr. Stanley Wootton
 12   R. Dick            Mrs. John Howerson
 13   J. Dines           Mrs. Chester Beatty
 14   S. Donoghue        Sir Victor Sassoon
 15   C. Elliott         Earl of Rosebery
 16   J. Evans           Mr. C. W. Gordon
 17   E. Forsyth         Sir Abe Bailey
 18   F. Fox             Lord Woolavington
 19   W. Freeman         Mrs. A. James
 20   E. Gardner         Mr. F. Hartigan
 21   K. Gethin          Sir Alfred Butt
 22   H. Graves          Mr. F. H. W. Candell
 23   F. Herbert         Mr. C. Wodin
 24   R. James           Marquis of Zetland
 25   H. Jelliss         Viscount Astor
 26   R. A. Jones        Mr. E. S. Tattersall
 27   J. Kirby           Mr. T. Walls
 28   F. Lane            Major H. Cayzer
 29   H. Leach           Sir J. Buchanan-Jardine
 30   J. Leach           Mr. S. Beer
 31   T. Lowrey          Mr. G. F. Leader
 32   J. Marshall        Mr. W. Barnett
 33   I. Martin          Mr. F. T. Halse
 34   W. Nevett          Sir E. Hanmer
 35   H. Packham         Mr. H. Smyth
 36   R. Perryman        Mr. A. de Rothschild
 37   C. Ray             Mr. E. G. de Mastre
 38   C. Richards        Mr. D. O'M. Leahy
 39   G. Richards        Lord Glavely
 40   T. F. Rimell       Mr. T. R. Rimell
 41   K. Robertson       Mrs. R. W. Foster
 42   F. Sharpe          Sir Charles Hyde
 43   J. Sirett          Mr. Z. G. Michalinos
 44   W. Stephenson      Mrs. W. V. Beatty
 45   J. A. Taylor       Mr. M. D. Penrock
 46   J. Thwaites        Captain A. S. Wilson
 47   T. Weston          Earl of Derby
 48   F. Winter          Mr. S. B. Joel
 49   H. Wragg           Sir H. Cardiffe-Owen
 50   S. Wragg           Mr. H. W. Colling

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