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Old Sporting Prints
Stephen Mitchell & Son - 1930

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Title                                                 Artist, Engraver: Year

 1    Boating. A Funny.                                     W. A. Knell, J. Harris: 1851
 2    Boating. Pair Oar'd Outrigger.                        W. A. Knell, J. Harris: 1851
 3    The Brighton Day Mails.                               J. Shayer, Chas. Hunt: 1838
 4    The Edinburgh Express.                                J. Pollard: 1835
 5    Westminster Cock Pit in 1830.                         H. Aiken
 6    Coursing. Going Out.                                  H. Aiken, J. Harris: 1850
 7    Coursing. The Death.                                  H. Aiken, J. Harris: 1850
 8    The Cut.                                              John C. Anderson: 1860
 9    A Match at Hambledon, 1777. (The Cradle of Cricket.)
10    Bottom Fishing.                                       J. Pollard, R. G. Reeve: 1831
11    Fly Fishing.                                          J. Pollard, R. G. Reeve: 1831
12    The Fatal Stoop.                                      F. G. Turner, R. G. Reeve: 1839
13    Loss of the Chaplain. (The greatest misfortune ...)   C. Loraine Smith: 1826
14    The Rendezvous of the "Smoking Hunt" at Braunstone,   C. Loraine Smith: 1826
        on Friday, the 8th of February, 1822.
15    The Battle between Cribb and Molineaux.               After Rowlandson: 1811
16    The Close of the Battle.                              After Rowlandson: 1811
17    Epsom. The Grand Strand.                              J. Pollard, Chas. Hunt: 1836
18    The Race for the Emperor's Cup, Ascot, 1845.          J. F. Herring, Sr., J. Harris: 1845
19    J. Goodman. (Preparing to Start.)                     Tom Jones: 1826
20    Red Deer Shooting. A Long Shot.                       Newton Fielding: 1836
21    Snipe Shooting. Near Uxbridge.                        R. Havell, Junr
22    Wild Duck Shooting. Near Cowley.                      R. Havell, Junr
23    A Steeple Chase, 1.                                   H. Aiken, J. C. Bentley: 1832
24    A Steeple Chase, 2.                                   H. Aiken, J. C. Bentley: 1832
25    The Grand National. The Water Jump.

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