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Peeps into Prehistoric Times
Cavenders Ltd. - 1930

Notes:  Card fronts feature stereographic black-and-white pseudo-photos, 
with 24 numbers marked "left" and "right" (48 cards total), for use with 
a stereoscope. Card backs feature descriptive text. This is the fourth series 
of stereographs by Cavenders. Thanks much to Kyle DeRoy for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Plesiosaurus Macrocephalus
  2   Tyrannosaurus Rex
  3   Dimetrodoon Gigas
  4   Brontosaurus Excelsus
  5   Diplodocus Carnegii
  6   Brachiosaurus Brancal
  7   Megalosaurus Bucklandi
  8   Rhamphorynchus Gemmingi
  9   Pariasaurus Baini
 10   Centrosaurus Apertus 
 11   Ceratosaurus Nasicornis
 12   Corythosaurus Casuarius
 13   Ichthyosaurus Platyodon
 14   Stegosaurus Stenops
 15   Styracosaurus Albertensis
 16   Pteranodon Occidentalis
 17   Hypsilophodon Foxi
 18   Triceratops Prorsus
 19   Iguanodon Bernissartensis
 20   Brachyceratops Montanensis
 21   Cryptoclidus Oxoniensis
 22   Placanthus Foxi
 23   Scolosaurus Cutleri
 24   Mosasaurus Camperi

©2005 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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