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Lawn Tennis
  Wills's Cigarettes - 1931
  Reprinted 1997 - Imperial Publishing

Note:  Cards are approximately 2.4" x 3.2".

No.   Title

  1   Wilmer L. Allison
  2   Fraulein Cilli Aussem
  3   H. W. Austin
  4   Jean Borotra
  5   Jacques Brugnon
  6   H. Cochet
  7   I. G. Collins
  8   Miss Edith Cross
  9   Senorita Lili D'Alvarez
 10   Dr. J. C. Gregory
 11   G. P. Hughes
 12   Miss Helen Jacobs
 13   Charles H. Kingsley
 14   J. R. Lacoste
 15   Mrs. T. A. Lakeman (Miss Joan Fry)
 16   H. G. N. Lee
 17   Randolph Lycett
 18   Miss Betty Nuthall
 19   Miss Joan Ridley
 20   Miss Elizabeth Ryan
 21   W. T. Tilden
 22   John van Ryn
 23   Mr. Holcroft Watson
 24   Mrs. Fearnley Whittingstall
 25   Mrs. Helen Wills-Moody

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