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Real Photographs, A Series of 27
De Reszke / J. Millhoff - 1932

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and show candid photos
of dogs, cats, horses, monkeys, etc., together with whimsical captions.

No.   Title

  1   "Hush Thee, My Baby."
  2   "Tug-of-War."
  3   "Chip of the Old Block."
  4   "Give a Poor Dog a Bone."
  5   "You Lucky Dog."
  6   "In Hot Water."
  7   "Was That a Mouse?"
  8   "Somebody's Darling."
  9   "My Bite Next."
 10   "The Proud Mother."
 11   "A Bone of Contention."
 12   "Nurse and Baby."
 13   "Diogenes."
 14   "Tea for Two."
 15   "I Want to Be Happy."
 16   "What Big Ears You've Got!"
 17   "A Bone to Pick with You."
 18   "Tramps."
 19   "Wake Up, Pussy."
 20   "Happy Family."
 21   "Why Muzzle Me?"
 22   "The Three (Dis)Graces."
 23   "Feasting Together."
 24   "The Glass of Venus."
 25   "Just from Market."
 26   "In Charge."
 27   "The Buck."

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