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John Player & Sons - 1932

Note:  Cards were issued in two different sizes, approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8"
and "oversized."  Thanks to Kyle DeRoy for the original checklist!

No.   Title                          Subtitle

  1   Narcissus                      A Mythical Dandy
  2   Sardanapalus                   A Mighty Dandy
  3   Alcibiades                     The Spoilt Darling of Athens
  4   Julius Caesar                  The Conqueror Dandy
  5   The Norman Conquerors          The Norman Crop
  6   King Richard the Second        A Royal Dandy
  7   A 15th Century Dandy           "The Knave of Hearts"
  8   Sir Walter Raleigh             The Smokers' Dandy
  9   The Duke of Buckingham         "Steenie"
 10   A Young Gallant of 1640-50     Love-LKocks and Patches
 11   Samuel Pepys                   A Dandy Diarist
 12   Robert Fielding                Beau Fielding
 13   Claude Duval                   A Dandy Highwayman
 14   Count Von Konigsmarck          Dandy Diplomacy
 15   Richard Nash                   Beau Nash
 16   Michel Baron                   A Dandy Actor
 17   John Baskerville               A Dandy Printer
 18   Topham Beauclerk               "Macaroni"
 19   A Dandy to the Last            A Dandy to the Last
 20   A Gunner of the R.H.A. 1793    A Dandy Gunner
 21   Lord Llandaff & His Brothers   The Three Mr. Wigginses
 22   A Member of Watier's Club      "À la Guillotine"
 23   Murat King of Naples           "Beau Sabreur"
 24   Mr. "Romeo" Coates             "Cock-a-Doodle-Doo!"
 25   Officer, 4th Dragoons          Sartorial Sustenance
 26   Sir Stapleton Cotton           "Lion d'Or"
 27   Colonel Daniel Mackinnon       "Dan" Mackinnon
 28   Old Mr. Turveydrop             Deportment
 29   King George the Fourth         "The First Gentleman in Europe"
 30   George Bryan Brummell          "Beau Brummell"
 31   Lord Alvanley                  "Apricot Tarts"
 32   Captain Gronow                 "Nogrow"
 33   Viscount Allen                 "King" Allen
 34   Lieutenant Colonel Kelly       Boots de Luxe
 35   Sir Lumley Skeffington         "Skiffy"
 36   Lord Petersham                 A Brown Study
 37   Count d'Orsay                  The Last of the Dandies
 38   The 19th Lancers, 1820         Military Millinery
 39   The Persian Ambassador, 1819   The Sensation of 1819
 40   A Fashion of 1822              Dressed for the Park
 41   Lord Byron                     "Childe Harold"
 42   Edward Hughes Ball Hughes      "The Golden Ball"
 43   Benjamin Disraeli              "Dizzy"
 44   Prince Puckler Muskau          A Dandy's Entourage
 45   Charles Dickens                "Boz"
 46   Officers, 11th Hussars         The Golden Age of Whiskers
 47   Lord Dundreary                 "Piccadilly Weepers"
 48   James McNeill Whistler         "The Butterfly"
 49   James J. Corbett               "Pompadour"
 50   A London Coster                Pearlies and Fevvers

©2001 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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