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Real Photographs 3rd Series
De Reszke / J. Millhoff - 1932

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and show candid photos
of dogs, cats, and horses together with whimsical captions.

No.   Title

  1   "This Beer Is Poor"
  2   "Your Nose Duckey"
  3   "Two's Company"
  4   "This Freedom"
  5   "The Idle Rich"
  6   "The New Bob"
  7   "My Hat"
  8   "A Big Pot"
  9   Who Wants a "Cat's Whisker?"
 10   "Oh You Are a One"
 11   "Belles of Mayfair"
 12   "I'll Go and Eat Worms"
 13   "The Bass 7 Creatures"
 14   "Cheap at Half the Price"
 15   "Who Said Rats?"
 16   "Preserved Pickles"
 17   "Booty-Ful"
 18   "Doors Closed"
 19   "But No Sauce"
 20   "Currant Roll"
 21   "Lovesick"
 22   "Heads and Tails"
 23   "Rubbish"
 24   "Chicken Hearted"
 25   "Canned"
 26   "K.C.B."
 27   "Swing High, Swing Low"

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