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Tricks & Puzzles Series
Gallaher Ltd. - 1933

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8" and had black card backs, 
different from the green-back series produced by Gallaher in 1913. Thanks 
much to John Rand for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   A trick with a Clothes Brush
  2   The Three-Square Puzzle
  3   Self Luminous Stream
  4   The Three-dozen Match Puzzle
  5   The Two Square Match Puzzle
  6   A Coin Problem
  7   Making a pack of cards spring from one hand to the other
  8   A Fancy Flourish
  9   To put ale and water in a glass without mixing them
 10   A Puzzle with a Match
 11   Making a Basket
 12   Match Box Trick
 13   How to make a Paper Tree
 14   The Indestructible Match Box
 15   Attraction and Repulsion
 16   Bottle and Straw
 17   A good Game for Two
 18   To change the contents of two glasses using a third
 19   Subtraction Puzzle
 20   How to break glass in any direction
 21   The Resin Grapes
 22   Onion Juice as a Sympathetic Ink
 23   The Cross Puzzle
 24   Communication of Thought
 25   The Nine Puzzle
 26   The Marked Penny
 27   The Garrison Puzzle
 28   The Square Puzzle
 29   Balancing a Penny
 30   A Simple Trick
 31   Park Drive Match Trick
 32   The Acrobatic Card 
 33   Bottle and Penny Trick
 34   To balance one Ball with another
 35   The Moat Puzzle
 36   One Line Puzzle
 37   How to make smoke rings with a box
 38   To tie a know in a Handkerchief without letting either end go
 39   The Three-coin Trick
 40   The 6-Square Puzzle
 41   To separate Oil from Water
 42   The four into three square Puzzle
 43   To pick up a Sixpenny piece from a Saucer of water without wettring your fingers
 44   The Shot Rabbit
 45   To draw a design upon a piece of paper; burn the paper and havethe design left
 46   A Match Trick
 47   Cigarette Paper Trick
 48   Joke with a Match
 49   The Revolving Penny
 50   Squeezing the Shilling
 51   Removing the "Domino"
 52   The Wine Bottle Puzzle
 53   How to hear the guns of an imaginary fleet firing
 54   Fun with a threepenny-bit
 55   How to plunge a piece of white paper into an inkpot filled with ink without blackening it
 56   The Six Rows Puzzle
 57   How to tell the value of any domino when secreted in someone else's hand
 58   Coin Trick
 59   How to tell a person's age
 60   Guessing the values of Three Dice thrown by a friend, without seeing them
 61   To pass a Penny through the Hat
 62   The Mysterious Band
 63   A match-making Problem
 64   The Prisoner's Release Puzzle
 65   To turn 6d into 1/6
 66   A Picture Paradox
 67   Bridge Puzzle with matches
 68   The Watch Trick
 69   Lighting a Safety Match on your Boot
 70   How to drink a glass of water which has been covered with a hat without removing the hat
 71   The Climbing Ring 
 72   The Scissors Trick
 73   The Water Problem
 74   How to plunge your hand into water and yet not wet it
 75   To remove a coin from beneath a tumbler without touching it
 76   The Expanding Square
 77   How to form a square with four pennies
 78   The Resuscitated Dogs
 79   Sixpence and Card Trick
 80   To raise a tripod of matches with a 4th match 
 81   The Balanced Pail
 82   How to hammer a Needle through a Sixpenny-piece
 83   To fill a space of 1" square with a section of 1" pipe
 84   Good Muscular Exercise
 85   The Papers, Pencil amd Mirror Trick
 86   Raising the Disc
 87   Juggling with Pennies
 88   Four and Twenty Match Puzzle
 89   Ten Match Puzzle
 90   Removing a waistcoat without taking off your coat
 91   Jar and Orange Trick
 92   How to pass a tumbler through a table
 93   Triangle Puzzle
 94   The Floating Needle
 95   The Three Great Men
 96   The Trick Finger
 97   The Division Puzzle
 98   The Blow
 99   The Dancing Plates
100   Match and Box Trick

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©2006 John Rand, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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