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Believe it or Not
Carreras High-Class Cigarettes - 1934

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-5/8" x 2-3/4".

No.   Title

  1   The Mysterious Growing Grave
  2   Countless Stones
  3   2,500 Miles in a Paper Boat
  4   The S.S Conte de Savoia and the Whale
  5   The Rock Church
  6   The Death Sign
  7   The Memorial at Thiepval
  8   The Manbuti Pygmies
  9   The Australian Bottle Tree
 10   The Chair that Grew
 11   Weight of Coat of Paint
 12   Hens Never Lay Eggs
 13   The Prairie Schooner
 14   The Talking Turkey
 15   A Champion Egg Layer
 16   Mrs. Frank Scott's Children
 17   Thomas Parr - Ye Olde, Olde, Olde Man
 18   Origin of the Word "Tip"
 19   Pete Markovich's Strong Drink
 20   Built Without a Smokestack
 21   Sixteen Children in One Night
 22   Gave Away His Birthday
 23   The Millionaire Gladiator
 24   Jockey's Day of Destiny
 25   The World's Greatest Kisser
 26   Newsboys Profit
 27   The Black Hole of Calcutta
 28   The Straight and Narrow
 29   A Grenade Exploded in His Pocket
 30   Lord Paulston's Costly Bet
 31   172 Goals by Sam York
 32   The Tsar's Lantern Guard
 33   A Unique Marriage
 34   A Family of Admirals
 35   Ice Sitting Contest
 36   Russia's Labour Leader
 37   Tom Morgan's War Helmet
 38   The Living Statue
 39   A Sacred Chapter
 40   A.J. Officer's Cycle Ride
 41   Father and Son
 42   Wedding Anniversary Celebration
 43   Pine Grows Out of Willow Tree
 44   Queen Victoria Rock
 45   Endurance of Jekisiel Laib
 46   Never Slept in 71 Years
 47   What Happened to Wiley Post
 48   Moore's Punishment
 49   You Can't Take It With You
 50   King of 4 Kingdoms at Once

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