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British Empire Flags
   J. Wix & Sons Ltd. - 1934
   J. Wix & Sons Ltd. - 1934 (silks)

Notes:  Cards are approximately 3-1/8" x 2-3/4" and were issued in two 
formats: as silks, but also as cards (with the notation "Printed in U.S.A."
Thanks much to John Rand for the checklist!


    Admiralty Flag
    Australian Naval Board
    Blue Ensign
    Blue Ensign of Australia
    Blue Ensign of Canada
    Blue Ensign of New Zealand
    Cinque Ports
    Commissioners of Northern Lights
    The Cross of St Andrews
    Customs Ensign
    The Cross of St Patrick
    The Cross of St George
    Governor General of Canada
    Flag of Kings Harbour Master
    Federated Malay States Ensign
    Governor General of the Union of South Africa
    Governor General of Northern Ireland
    Governor General of India
    Irish Free State
    Irish Lights Board
    Lords Lieutenant Flag
    National Flag of Brunei
    Port of London Authority
    Red Dragon of Wales
    Red Ensign
    Royal Air Force
    Royal Standard
    Standard of HM The Queen
    Standard of England
    Sarawak Government Flag
    Standard of Ireland
    Standard of HRH The Prince of Wales
    Standard of HRH The Duke of York
    State of Johore National Flag
    State Flag of Tonga
    Standard of Scotland
    State of Kedah National Flag
    State of Kelantan State Flag
    State of Negri-Semblan Ensign
    State of Pahang Ensign
    State of Perak Ensign
    State of Perlis State Flag
    State of Selangor Ensign
    State of Treng-Ganu National Flag
    Trinity House Masters Flag
    White Ensign
    Union of South Africa National Flag
    Union Flag

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