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John Player & Sons - 1934

Notes:  Many thanks to John Rand for the checklist!  John provided this additional
commentary: "These cards were put out for the 1934 Ashes Tour of England.  This 
was the tour in which the Australians regained the Ashes after winning the Fifth Test 
by a record margin of 562 runs with Woodfull as the tour Captain.  Highlights of the 
series included Verity's 15/104 at Lord's,  Bradman's 304 at Leeds and the 451 scored 
by Ponsford and Bradman for the second wicket at the Oval out of a total of 701."

An error card was initially issued (and later corrected) where card 35 originally
referred to "B.J. Barnett" on the card front. John Bakewell also reports (thanks!) 
that they got the name of the team wrong for the A.H. Bakewell card.

No.   Title

  1   L.E.G Ames (Kent)
  2   J. Arnold (Hampshire)
  3   A.H. Bakewell (Hampshire) [error; he played for Northants]
  4   C.J. Barnett (Gloucestershire)
  5   L.G. Berry (Leicestershire)
  6   E.W. Clark (Northamptonshire)
  7   E.W. Dawson (Leicestershire)
  8   A.H. Dyson (Glamorgan)
  9   K. Farnes (Cambridge Uni)
 10   H.H. Gibbons (Worcestershire)
 11   W.R. Hammond (Gloucestershire)
 12   J.B. Hobbs (Surrey)
 13   J.H.A. Hulme (Middlesex)
 14   J. Iddon (Lancashire)
 15   D.R. Jardine (Surrey)
 16   W.W. Keeton (Nottinghamshire)
 17   James Langridge (Sussex)
 18   H Larwood (Nottinghamshire)
 19   T.B. Mitchell (Derbyshire)
 20   M.S. Nichols (Essex)
 21   J.H. Parks (Sussex)
 22   E. Paynter (Lancashire)
 23   A.E. Pothecary (Hampshire)
 24   R.W.V. Robins (Middlesex)
 25   F.R. Santall (Warwickshire) 
 26   H. Sutcliffe (Yorkshire)
 27   L.F. Townsend (Derbyshire)
 28   M.J. Turnbull (Glamorgan)
 29   B.H. Valentine (Kent)
 30   H. Verity (Yorkshire)
 31   C.F. Walters (Worcestershire)
 32   A.W. Wellard (Somerset)
 33   J.C. White (Somerset)
 34   R.E.S. Wyatt (Warwickshire)
 35   B.A. Barnett (Victoria)
 36   D.G. Bradman (New South Wales)
 37   E.H. Bromley (Victoria) 
 38   W.A. Brown (New South Wales)
 39   A. Chipperfield (New South Wales)
 40   L.S. Darling (Victoria) 
 41   Hans Ebeling (Victoria)
 42   L. O'B. Fleetwood-Smith (Victoria)
 43   C.V. Grimmett (South Australia) 
 44   A.F. Kippax (New South Wales) 
 45   S.J. McCabe (New South Wales) 
 46   W.A. Oldfield (New South Wales)
 47   W.J. O'Reilly (New South Wales) 
 48   W.H. Ponsford (Victoria)
 49   T.W. Wall (South Australia)
 50   W.M. Woodfull (Victoria)

©2004, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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