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Famous Footballers
   Ardath Cigarettes - 1934

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature colour 
portraits and card backs feature descriptive text.

No.   Player                 Team

  1   T. Leach               Newcastle United
  2   A. Strange             Sheffield Wednesday
  3   G. Hunt                Tottenham Hotspur
  4   D. Astley              Aston Villa
  5   F. R. Goodall          Huddersfield Town
  6   H. Gallacher           Chelsea
  7   W. H. Warnes           Norwich City
  8   T. Law                 Chelsea
  9   E. Hart                Leeds United
 10   J. Rankin              Notts County
 11   E. M. Glover           Grimsby Town
 12   J. W. Smith            Portsmouth
 13   J. Allen               Aston Villa
 14   J. Hampson             Blackpool
 15   G. Hodgson             Liverpool
 16   G. Stevenson           Motherwell
 17   J. Bruton              Blackburn Rovers
 18   R. Hollingworth        Wolverhampton Wanderers
 19   E. Brook               Manchester City
 20   S. Lawrence            Swansea Town
 21   J. Paterson            Leicester City
 22   J. Weddle              Portsmouth
 23   R. Kelly               Preston North End
 24   S. Weaver              Newcastle United
 25   W. Barraclough         Wolverhampton Wanderers
 26   G. Camsell             Middlesbrough
 27   S. Crooks              Derby County
 28   L. Stroker             Birmingham
 29   H. Hibbs               Birmingham
 30   T. Cooper              Derby County
 31   J. McClelland          Bradford
 32   J. McGrory             Glasgow Celtic
 33   W. Evans               Tottenham Hotspur
 34   H. Carter              Sunderland
 35   W. F. McNaughton       Hull City
 36   C. K. Willingham       Huddersfield Town
 37   W. "G." Richardson     West Bromwich Albion
 38   J. Holliday            Brentford
 39   S. Matthews            Stoke City
 40   S. Cowan               Manchester City
 41   T. Graham              Nottingham Forest
 42   R. McPhail             Glasgow Rangers
 43   G. Brown               Glasgow Rangers
 44   R. W. Westwood         Bolton Wanderers
 45   W. Edwards             Leeds United
 46   C. S. Britton          Everton
 47   C. Bastin              Arsenal
 48   A. E. Keeping          Fulham
 49   E. Hapgood             Arsenal
 50   Alex James             Arsenal

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