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Railway Engines
   Godfrey Phillips Cigarettes - 1934

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
artwork and card backs feature descriptive text.

No.   Front Title                               Back Subtitle

  1   An Early Railway Coach                    Liverpool & Manchester Railway Coach, 1830
  2   Great Northern Railway                    G.N. Rly., No. 1470, 4-4-2
  3   Great Western Railway                     "The Vulcan" Engine Type 2-2-2 T Type
  4   Great Western Railway                     "The Great Bear", 4-6-2
  5   Great Western Railway                     Cornish Riviera Express
  6   Great Central Railway                     "Lord Faringdon"
  7   Lancs. & Yorkshire Railway                Manchester-Blackpool Express
  8   North Eastern Railway                     Newcastle-Liverpool Express
  9   London & North Western Railway            Scotch Express "Lord Rathmore"
 10   London, Brighton & South Coast Railway    "The Southern Belle"
 11   The Rocket (George Stephenson's)          "The Rocket"
 12   South Eastern & Chatham Railway           Continental Express
 13   Midland Railway                           Goods Engine, 0-6-0
 14   Canadian Pacific Railway                  Geared Locomotive for Forestry Work
 15   Great Northern Railway                    Leeds-Bradford Express
 16   Great Western Railway                     Broad Gauge Express Engine "Lord of the Isles"
 17   Great Eastern Railway                     Norfolk Coast Express
 18   Great Northern Railway                    8-ft Single Express Engine No. 1
 19   London & North Western Railway            War Memorial Engine "Patriot"
 20   Canadian Pacific Railway                  4-6-2 Express Locomotive used for Prince of Wales' Train
 21   London, Brighton & South Coast Railway    Royal Train at Portsmouth
 22   Great Western Railway                     Eight Coupled Mineral Engine
 23   Midland Railway                           Decapod Banking Engine, 0-10-0
 24   Great Central Railway                     Four Coupled Express Engine "Butler Henderson", 4-4-0
 25   Great Western Railway                     Heavy Mixed Traffic Engine, 2-8-0

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