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Safety First
   Wills's Cigarettes - 1934
   Wills's Cigarettes (Eire) - 1934
   Reprinted 2000 - Card Collectors Society

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8" and focus on motoring
and pedestrian safety tips.  Thanks much to Kyle DeRoy for the original

No.   Title

  1   Drive as You Would Wish Others to Drive
  2   Reversing into a By-Road
  3   Keep to the Left
  4   Beware of Road Junctions
  5   Avoid Cutting In
  6   Overtaking in Towns
  7   Overtake Only with Safety
  8   Do Not Overtake at Bends
  9   Motorist's Signals: "I am going to Slow Down, Stop, or Turn to my Left"
 10   Motorist's Signals: "I am Going to Turn Right"
 11   Motorist's Signals: "Overtake Me on My Right"
 12   Motorist's Signals: "Straight Ahead"
 13   Traffic Signals
 14   Traffic Signals
 15   Do Not Give Incorrect Hand Signals
 16   Do Not Hinder a Constable on Point Duty by Asking Questions
 17   Beware of Amateur Traffic Controllers
 18   Never Stop beside a White Line thus Forcing Other Vehicles over It
 19   Never Draw Up at Night on the Wrong Side of the Road
 20   Do Not Park on a Curve
 21   Avoid Pulling Up Opposite a Stationary Vehicle on the Other Side of the Road
 22   Motorcyclists: Do Not Squeeze Through Traffic, particularly on the Near Side
 23   On Steep Hills Set the Wheels against the Kerb
 24   Correcting a Skid
 25   Guard Against Side-slip
 26   Stop to Allow Tramcar Passengers to Alight
 27   Getting out of Tram-lines 
 28   Beware of Trams Swinging out at Corners
 29   Take the Off Side of the Road when Meeting Led Horses
 30   Drive Carefully Past Animals
 31   Do Not Alight from a Car on the Traffic Side
 32   Carry an Efficient Fire Extinguisher Readily Accessible
 33   Cyclists - Ride Steadily and Not More than Two Abreast
 34   Never Throw Anything from a Moving Car
 35   Never Run an Engine in a Garage with the Door Closed
 36   See that the Red Reflector Is Clean and Properly Fitted
 37   Bicycles are Made to Carry One Only
 38   Do not Hang on to a Motor Vehicle
 39   Do Not Attempt to Board or Alight from a Vehicle in Motion
 40   Beware of Tram-lines
 41   Take Corners Carefully
 42   Do Not Step From Behind One Vehicle into the Path of Another
 43   Look Before You Leave the Pavement
 44   Help the Young and the Infirm to Cross the Road
 45   Pedestrians: Use Recognised Crossing Places Provided for your Safety
 46   Do Not Read While Walking in the Street
 47   Children Stop, Look Right and then Left before Crossing the Road
 48   Never Chase a Ball or Hoop into the Roadway
 49   Do Not Play with a Dog in the Street
 50   Do Not Attempt Free Riding

©2001, 2003 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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