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What the Stars Say  By Graphael
De Reszke Cigarettes (Milhoff) - 1934

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Title                                Type

  1   The Zodiac
  2   The Planets in their Houses
  3   Life's Triangles
  4   Hours of the Day When Planets Rule
  5   Aries The Ram                        Day Domicile of Mars
  6   Mars                                 Ruler of Aries
  7   The Amulet of Mars                   Mystic No. 65
  8   Birthday Badge: Aries                Lucky Data
  9   Taurus The Bull                      Night Domicile of Venus
 10   Venus                                Ruler of Taurus
 11   Birthday Badge: Taurus               Lucky Data
 12   The Amulet of Venus                  Mystic No. 175
 13   Gemini The Twins                     Day Domicile of Mercury
 14   Mercury                              Ruler of Gemini
 15   Birthday Badge: Gemini               Lucky Data
 16   The Amulet of Mercury                Mystic No. 260
 17   Cancer The Crab                      Domicile of the Moon
 18   The Moon                             Ruler of Cancer
 19   Birthday Badge: The Moon             Birthday Badge
 20   The Amulet of the Moon               Mystic No. 369
 21   Leo - The Lion                       Domicile of the Sun
 22   The Sun                              Ruler of Leo
 23   Lucky Birthday Badge: Leo            Leo Birthday Badge
 24   The Amulet of the Sun                Mystic No. 111
 25   Virgo The Virgin                     Night Domicile of Mercury
 26   Mercury                              Ruler of Virgo
 27   Lucky Birthday Badge: Virgo          Virgo Birthday Badge
 28   Amulet for those born ...            Amulet
 29   Libra The Balance                    Day Domicile of Venus
 30   Venus                                Ruler of Libra
 31   Lucky Birthday Badge: Libra          Libra Birthday Badge
 32   Amulet for those born ...            Amulet
 33   Scorpio                              Night Domicile of Mars
 34   Mars                                 Ruler of Scorpio
 35   Lucky Birthday Badge: Scorpio        Scorpio Birthday Badge
 36   Scorpio Amulet                       Amulet
 37   Sagittarius The Archer               Domicile of Jupiter
 38   Jupiter                              Ruler of Sagittarius
 39   Lucky Birthday Badge: Sagittarius    Sagittarius Birthday Badge
 40   The Amulet of Jupiter                Mystic No. 34
 41   Capricorn The Goat                   Domicile of Saturn
 42   Saturn                               Ruler of Capricorn
 43   The Amulet of Saturn                 Mystic No. 15
 44   Lucky Birthday Badge: Capricorn      Capricorn Birthday Badge
 45   Aquarius The Water-bearer            Domicile of Uranus
 46   Uranus (Herschel)                    Ruler of Aquarius
 47   Lucky Birthday Badge: Aquarius       Aquarius Birthday Badge
 48   Pisces The Fishes                    Domicile of Neptune and Jupiter
 49   Neptune                              Ruler of Pisces
 50   Lucky Birthday Badge: Pisces         Pisces Birthday Badge

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