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Aeroplanes (Civil)
    Player's Cigarettes - 1935
    Reprinted 1990 - Victoria Gallery

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and were selected by the
Editor of "The Aeroplane."

No.   Title                                  Nation

  1   Airspeed "Courier"                     Great Britain
  2   Airspeed "Envoy"                       Great Britain
  3   Armstrong Whitworth "Argosy" Class     Great Britain
  4   Armstrong Whitworth "Atalanta" Class   Great Britain
  5   Avro "Commodore"                       Great Britain
  6   Avro 642                               Great Britain
  7   Cierva Autogiro C.30 P                 Great Britain
  8   Comper "Swift"                         Great Britain
  9   De Havilland "Comet"                   Great Britain
 10   De Havilland "Diana" Class             Great Britain
 11   De Havilland "Dragon-Six"              Great Britain
 12   De Havilland "Moth-Major"              Great Britain
 13   De havilland "Leopard-Moth"            Great Britain
 14   Handley Page "Heracles" Class          Great Britain
 15   British Klemm "Eagle"                  Great Britain
 16   Miles "Hawk-Major"                     Great Britain
 17   Monospar St. 10                        Great Britain
 18   Percival "Gull"                        Great Britain
 19   Saro "Cloud"                           Great Britain
 20   Short "Scion"                          Great Britain
 21   Short "Syrinx" "Scylla" Class          Great Britain
 22   Spartan "Cruiser"                      Great Britain
 23   Westland "Wessex"                      Great Britain
 24   Breguet 280 T Air Liner                France
 25   Caudron Monoplane                      France
 26   Dewoitine D-332 Air Liner              France
 27   Farman F-430 Cabin Monoplane           France
 28   Wibault Air Liner                      France
 29   Aeronca Monoplane                      U.S.A.
 30   "Beechcraft" Cabin Biplane             U.S.A.
 31   Bellanca Racer                         U.S.A.
 32   Douglas DC-2 "Transport"               U.S.A.
 33   Ford Air Liner                         U.S.A.
 34   Gee Bee "Super Sportster"              U.S.A.
 35   Lambert Monocoupe                      U.S.A.
 36   Lockheed "Vega"                        U.S.A.
 37   Northrop Monoplane                     U.S.A.
 38   Sikorsky Amphibian                     U.S.A.
 39   Waco "UIC" Cabin Biplane               U.S.A.
 40   Dornier Do. X                          Germany
 41   Dornier "Wal"                          Germany
 42   Heinkel H. E. 70A                      Germany
 43   Junkers G-38                           Germany
 44   Junkers Ju. 52 3 M                     Germany
 45   Klemm L 25                             Germany
 46   Savoia-Marchetti S-66                  Italy
 47   Savoia-Marchetti S-71                  Italy
 48   Fokker R F.XVIII                       Holland
 49   Pander EG. 100 Biplane                 Holland
 50   Orta-Saint-Hubert Monoplane            Belgium

©2002, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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