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Film Stars, 4th Series of Real Photos
   C&T Bridgewater, Ltd. (biscuits) - 1935

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-1/8" x 1-7/8" with blank backs, numbered on 
card fronts. Eight series were produced. Series 1 (1932) is distinguished by "CE" 
over the card number. Series 2 (1933) has an "E" below the card #. Series 3 (1934) 
is black-and-white with the studio name in the text box below the name. These 
three series spanned 96 cards, while later series were 48 cards. Series 4 (1935) has 
colorized photos with studio name at the top right of the bottom band. Series 5 
(1937) has colorized photos with pink background tint. Series 6 (1938) is colorized 
with an "F. " before the card number. Series 7 is from 1939. Series 8 (1940) has 
black-and-white photos with the studio name in the lower right of the photo region.

No.   Title                 Subtitle

  1   Jackie Cooper         M.G.M.
  2   Frances Dee           Paramount
  3   James Dunn            Fox
  4   Genevieve Tobin       Fox
  5   Charles Laughton      Paramount
  6   Shirley Temple        Fox
  7   Greta Garbo           M.G.M.
  8   Robert Montgomery     M.G.M.
  9   Norma Shearer         M.G.M.
 10   Dickie Moore          M.G.M.
 11   Jean Parker           M.G.M.
 12   Robert Young          M.G.M.
 13   Lydia Roberti         Paramount
 14   Mae West              Paramount
 15   Fred Astaire          Radio
 16   Helen Vinson          Paramount
 17   Katherine Hepburn     Radio
 18   Joel McCrea           Radio
 19   Helen Twelvetrees     Paramount
 20   Frank Morgan          M.G.M.
 21   Jack Oakie            Paramount
 22   Fay Wray              Universal
 23   David Manners         Paramount
 24   Ida Lupino            Paramount
 25   Otto Kruger           M.G.M.
 26   Margaret Sullavan     Universal
 27   Jeanette MacDonald    M.G.M.
 28   Phillips Holmes       M.G.M.
 29   Joan Crawford         M.G.M.
 30   Lee Tracey            M.G.M.
 31   Janet Gaynor          Fox
 32   Franchot Tone         M.G.M.
 33   Adrienne Ames         Paramount
 34   George Raft           Paramount
 35   Gene Raymond          Fox
 36   Leslie Howard         M.G.M.
 37   Marlene Dietrich      Paramount
 38   Clive Brook           Fox
 39   Colin Clive           Universal
 40   Bing Crosby           Paramount
 41   Maurice Chevalier     M.G.M.
 42   Madge Evans           M.G.M.
 43   John Barrymore        M.G.M.
 44   Herbert Marshall      Paramount
 45   Diana Wynyard         M.G.M.
 46   Fredric March         Paramount
 47   Myrna Loy             M.G.M.
 48   Clark Gable           M.G.M.

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