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Our Favourites
De Reszke Cigarettes / Godfrey Phillips - 1935

Note:  Cards are approximately 2" x 2-3/8" and feature humorous animal

No.   Title

  1   Winter Sports
  2   "Oh Yeah"
  3   Eye Wash
  4   A Chip off the Old Block
  5   Featherweights
  6   Bag and Baggage
  7   Well Canned
  8   A "Bear" Aspect
  9   A Perfect Picture
 10   Have You Heard This One
 11   A "Stirring" Problem
 12   "Ape-ing" His Betters
 13   Tiger-Rags
 14   Fox-Trot - Turkey Trot
 15   Come Up and See Me Sometime
 16   One of the Bull-Dog Breed
 17   Peculiar Penguins
 18   Fairycycling
 19   The Eternal Triangle
 20   Bath Time for Baby
 21   Wearing the Old School Tie
 22   Hot Air
 23   A Bunch of Trouble
 24   "Blind" Devotion
 25   Gone to Pot
 26   A Trunk Call - For a Drink
 27   "Sour Grapes"
 28   Ain't Life Hard
 29   A "Bear" Seat
 30   What a Yell
 31   "Weight" and See
 32   Birds Eye Views
 33   The Calm before the Storm
 34   Black and White
 35   How's That!
 36   Little Strangers
 37   Potted Dog
 38   Yours Affectionately
 39   Stolen Fruits Are Sweetest
 40   Playing to the Gallery
 41   Sleeping Partners
 42   "Ewe"Play Too
 43   Another Newspaper Stunt
 44   Letting the Cats Out of the Bag
 45   Sauce for the Gander
 46   Down and Out
 47   Eat More Fish
 48   Nature in "The Roar"

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