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The Reign of H.M. King George V:
  1910 - Silver Jubilee - 1935
Wills's Cigarettes - 1935

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", "To commemorate The Silver
Jubilee of the reign of his Most Excellent Majesty George the Fifth by the
Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland and British Dominions beyond the
Seas, King, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India."

No.   Title

  1   George the Fifth Proclaimed King
  2   The Coronation at Westminster Abbey
  3   The Investiture of the Prince of Wales
  4   The Coronation Durbar
  5   Alexandra Rose Day
  6   The King at the Front
  7   The Memorial Service to Lord Kitchener
  8   Their Majesties' Silver Wedding
  9   The Prince of Wales at Ottawa
 10   Unveiling the Nurse Cavell Memorial
 11   The King at the Cenotaph
 12   The Three Princes at the Derby
 13   Establishing the Parliament of Northern Ireland
 14   The Opening of King George V Dock
 15   The Marriage of Princess Mary
 16   The King's Pilgrimage to the Graves of British Soldiers
 17   The Marriage of the Duke of York
 18   The British Empire Exhibition
 19   Liverpool Cathedral
 20   A Royal Visit to H.M.S. "Victory"
 21   Review of the Fleet
 22   The King and Queen at Bristol University
 23   The Royal Carriage at Ascot
 24   The Railway Centenary Exhibition
 25   The King at the Tate Gallery
 26   The national Museum of Wales at Cardiff
 27   The King at the Cup Final
 28   The Opening of Parliament House, Canberra
 29   The Scottish national War Memorial
 30   The Funeral of Earl Haig
 31   The King at Twickenham
 32   The Gathering of Chiefs at Nairobi, Kenya Colony
 33   The King's Convalescence
 34   The Prince at the Boy Scouts' World Jamboree
 35   The Opening of the Round Table Conference
 36   The Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose
 37   The Prince of Wales at Stratford-on-Avon
 38   The Opening of the New Lambeth Bridge
 39   The Opening of the World Economic Conference
 40   The Opening of South Africa House, London
 41   The King at a Test Match, Lord's
 42   The Opening of the Mersey Tunnel
 43   The King and Queen in the Royal Yacht "Britannia"
 44   The Launch of the "Queen Mary"
 45   The Duke of Gloucester's Australian Tour
 46   The England-Australia Air Race
 47   The Marriage of the Duke of Kent
 48   H.R.H. The Prince of Wales
 49   His Majesty the King
 50   Her Majesty the Queen

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