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Signed Portraits of Famous Stars
   Gallaher Ltd. - 1935
   Reprinted 1997 - Card Promotions

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
artwork with facsimile signatures and card backs feature descriptive text. The 
Card Promotions "title cards" are offered as filler cards to allow the 24-card set 
to be displayed conveniently in 25-card frames or pocket pages.

No.   Title                                          Studio

  1   Elizabeth Allan                                M-G-M
  2   Will Rogers                                    Fox
  3   Una Merkel                                     M-G-M
  4   Herbert Muldin                                 20th Century Fox
  5   Madge Evans                                    M-G-M
  6   Jean Hersholt                                  M-G-M
  7   Greta Garbo                                    M-G-M
  8   Leslie Fuller                                  B.I.P.
  9   Lionel Barrymore                               M-G-M
 10   Pat Paterson                                   Fox
 11   Robert Montgomery                              M-G-M
 12   Myrna Loy                                      M-G-M
 13   Clark Gable                                    M-G-M
 14   Rochelle Hudson                                20th Century Fox
 15   Jackie Cooper                                  M-G-M
 16   Siegfried Rumann                               Fox
 17   James Dunn                                     20th Century Fox
 18   Edmund Lowe                                    20th Century Fox
 19   John Boles                                     20th Century Fox
 20   Warren William                                 First National
 21   Paul Muni                                      Warner
 22   Douglas Fairbanks, jnr.                        B.I.P.
 23   George Brent                                   Warner
 24   Warner Baxter                                  20th Century Fox
 25   Marlene Dietrich                               Paramount
 26   Gertrude Lawr5ence                             B.I.P.
 27   Bette Davis                                    Warner
 28   Alice Faye                                     20th Century Fox
 29   Carole Lombard                                 Paramount
 30   Rosemary Ames                                  20th Century Fox
 31   Claire Trevor                                  20th Century Fox
 32   Jane Baxter                                    B.I.P.
 33   Gary Cooper                                    Paramount
 34   Adrienne Ames                                  B.I.P.
 35   Virginia Bruce                                 M-G-M
 36   Kay Francis                                    Warner
 37   Bébé Daniels                                   B.I.P.
 38   Norma Shearer                                  M-G-M
 39   Constance Cummings                             B.I.P.
 40   Marian Marsh                                   B.I.P.
 41   Grete Natzler                                  B.I.P.
 42   Maureen O'SUllivan                             M-G-M
 43   Lewis Stone                                    M-G-M
 44   Barbara Stanwyck                               Warner
 45   Wallace Beery                                  M-G-M
 46   Janet Gaynor                                   Fox
 47   Mae West                                       Paramount
 48   Jean Harlow                                    M-G-M

Card Promotions Edition

--    Famous Film Stars - 1935                       (Title Card)
--    Famous Film Stars - 1935                       (Title Card)

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