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Wild Birds at Home
   Baldric Cigarettes - 1935

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-9/16" x 2-1/2". Card fronts feature full-
colour artwork and card backs feature descriptive text. Thanks much to 
Kyle DeRoy for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Song Thrush at Nest
  2   Ringed Plover Sitting
  3   Blue Tit About to Feed Young
  4   Reed Warbler Eggs
  5   Snipe Eggs
  6   Blackbird Eggs
  7   Corn Crake Eggs
  8   Common Wren
  9   Coot Eggs
 10   Red Grouse Eggs
 11   Mallard Eggs
 12   Shoveler Duck Eggs
 13   Lesser Tern Eggs
 14   Sandwich Tern Sitting
 15   Merlin at Nest
 16   Lesser Black-Backed Gull Eggs
 17   Lapwing Eggs
 18   Oyster Catcher Sitting
 19   Teal Eggs
 20   Curlew Eggs
 21   Moorhen Eggs
 22   Woodcock Eggs
 23   Redshank Eggs
 24   Lesser Black-Backed Gull
 25   Great Crested Grebe
 26   Merlin
 27   Great Crested Grebe Eggs
 28   Hedge Sparrow Feeding Young
 29   Redshank on Open Nest
 30   Lesser Tern Sitting
 31   Black Headed Gull Sitting
 32   Grey Wagtail at Nest
 33   Swallow Feeding Young
 34   Swallow Sitting
 35   Mistle Thrush Sitting
 36   Spotted Flycatcher Feeding Young

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©2013 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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