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Film Episodes
Gallaher Cigarettes - 1936

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-1/2" x 2-1/2".  Card fronts feature full-
colour artwork and card backs feature descriptive text.  Thanks to Maple
Leaf Collectibles for the checklist!

No.   Film                            Actor(s)

  1   Ginger                          Jane Withers
  2   Alias Mary Dow                  Sally Eilers & Raymond Milland
  3   Public Hero Number 1            Chester Morris & Joseph Calleia
  4   The Memory Expert               W.C. Fields & Mary Brian
  5   Our Little Girl                 Shirley Temple & Joel McCrea
  6   Stormy Weather                  Tom Walls & Veronica Rose
  7   Age of Indiscretion             David Jack Holt & May Robson
  8   Black Sheep                     Edmund Lowe & Claire Trevor
  9   Diamond Jim                     Edward Arnold & Binnie Barnes
 10   The Raven                       Lester Matthews & Irene Ware
 11   The Informer                    Victor McLaglen & Margot Grahame
 12   Murder in the Fleet             Robert Talyor & Jean Parker
 13   Chasing Yesterday               Anne Shirley & O.P. Heggie
 14   Doubting Thomas                 Will Rogers & Billie Burke
 15   Black Fury                      Paul Muni & Karen Morley
 16   Becky Sharp                     Miriam Hopkins & G.P. Huntley
 17   Stranded                        Kay Francis & George Brent
 18   The Student's Romance           Grete Natzler & Patric Knowles
 19   The Last Journey                Hugh Williams & Judy Gunn
 20   Broadway Gondolier              Adolphe Menjou & Joan Blondell
 21   The Crusades                    Loretta Young & Henry Wilcoxon
 22   The Return of Peter Grimm       Lionel Barrymore & Helen Mack
 23   Going Highbrow                  Zasu Pitts & Edward Everett
 24   It Happened in New York         Lyle Talbot & Heather Angel
 25   Woman Wanted                    Maureen O'Sullivan & Joel McCrea
 26   Calm Yourself                   Robert Young & Madge Evans
 27   The Case of the Curious Bride   Warren William & Claire Dodd
 28   Goin' To Town                   Mae West & Grant Withers
 29   Squibs                          Gordon Harker & Betty Balfour
 30   King of the Damned              Conrad Veidt & Noah Beery
 31   Dinky                           Jackie Cooper & Mary Astor
 32   Star of Midnight                William Powell & Ginger Rogers
 33   Curly-Top                       Rochelle Hudson & Shirley Temple
 34   Alice Adams                     Katharine Hepburn & Fred MacMurray
 35   Murder in the Clouds            Lyle Talbot & Ann Dvorak
 36   The Flame Within                Ann Harding & Herbert Marshall
 37   Alias Mary Dow                  Katherine Alexander & Baby Jane
 38   G-Men                           James Cagney & Margaret Lindsey
 39   Hands of Orlac                  Peter Lorre & Frances Drake
 40   While Parents Sleep             Rebla & Mackenzie Ward
 41   The Woman in Red                Barbara Stanwyck & Gene Raymond
 42   Top Hat                         Ginger Rogers & Erik Rhodes
 43   The Gay Lady                    Douglass Montgomery & Anita Louise
 44   Captain Hurricane               Douglas Walton & James Barton
 45   Peg of Old Drury                Anna Neagle
 46   Bonnie Scotland                 Laurel & Hardy
 47   Pursuit                         Chester Morris & Sally Eilers
 48   Smart Girl                      Ida Lupino & Joseph Cawthorne

©2003 Maple Leaf Collectibles, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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