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International Air Liners
  Players' Cigarettes - 1936
  Players' Cigarettes (Eire) - 1936
    Reprinted 2001 - Card Collectors Society

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Thanks much to John Rand
for the checklist and to Gerry King for reprint information!

  1   Imperial Airways Empire Flying-Boat Caledonia (GB)
  2   Imperial Airways Liner Dryad Diana Class (GB)
  3   Imperial Airways Liner Ensign (GB)
  4   Imperial Airways Liner Horatius Heracles (GB)
  5   Imperial Airways Flying Boat Satyrus (GB)
  6   Imperial Airways Liner Scylla (GB)
  7   Preparing Lunch in Imperial Airways Liner Scylla (GB)
  8   Sabena Fokker (Bel)
  9   Sabena Junkers (Bel)
 10   Sovoia Marchetti (Bel)
 11   CLS Fokker (Czech)
 12   Air France Dewoitine D333 Antares (Fr)
 13   Air France Liore et Olivier (Fr)
 14   Air France Potez 62 (Fr)
 15   Air France Wibault Penhoet 282 T 12 (Fr)
 16   Deutshe Luft Hansa Dornier Do.18 Flying Boat (Ger)
 17   Deutshe Luft Hansa Heinkel HE 70 (Ger)
 18   Deutshe Luft Hansa Heinkel HE111 (Ger)
 19   Deutsche Luft Hansa Jukers G38 (Ger)
 20   Deutshe Luft Hansa Junkers JU 86 (Ger)
 21   Deutshe Luft Hansa Junkers JU 160 (Ger)
 22   Deruluft ANT9 (Ger)
 23   KLM Douglas DC2 (Hol)
 24   KLM Fokker FXX (Hol)
 25   KLM Fokker FXXII (Hol)
 26   KLM Fokker F.XXXVI (Hol)
 27   Malert Junkers JU 52/3M (Hun)
 28   ALA Littoria Cant Z506 Seaplane (It)
 29   Ala Littoria Savoia Marchetti S74 (It)
 30   AB Aerotransport Fokker FXII Varmland (It)
 31   Swissair Clark GA43 (Swis)
 32   Swissair Douglas DC2 (Swis)
 33   Swissair Jukers JU86 (Swis)
 34   Swissair Lockheed Orion (Swis)
 35   Aeroput De Havilland Dragon Rapide (Yug)
 36   Aeroput Spartan Cruiser (Yug)
 37   American Airlines Douglas DST (US)
 38   Braniff Airways Lockheed Electra (US)
 39   Central Airlines Stinson A (US)
 40   Delta Airlines Lockheed Electra (US)
 41   Eastern Airlines Douglas DC2 (US)
 42   Eastern Airlines Lockheed Electra (US)
 43   Northwest Airlines Lockheed Electra (US)
 44   Pan American Airways Glenn Martin (US)
 45   Pan American Airways main aisle "Clipper" (US)
 46   Pennsylvania Airlines Boeing 247D (US)
 47   TWA Douglas DC2 (US)
 48   United Airlines Douglas DC2 (US)
 49   Qantas Empire Airways "Brisbane" (Aust)
 50   Qantas Empire Airways bridge of the Commonwealth class liner (Aust)

©2004, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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