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Railway Engines
    Wills's Cigarettes - 1936
    Reprinted 1994 - Imperial Publishing

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature full-
colour artwork and card backs feature descriptive text.

No.   Engine                                             Line

  1   Express Locomotive "Silver Jubilee"                London, Modland & Scottish Rly.
  2   "Pacific" Express Loco. "Princess Margaret Rose"   L.M.S.R.
  3   Turbine Driven Locomotive                          London, Midland & Scottish Rly.
  4   Streamlined Express Loco. "Silver Link"            London & North Eastern Railway
  5   Streamlined Express Loco. "Cock o'the North"       L.N.E.R.
  6   "Pacific" Express Loco. "Papyrus"                  London & North Eastern Railway
  7   "Castle" Class Express Loco. "Windsor Castle"      Great Western Railway
  8   Partially-Streamlined Loco. "Manorbier Castle"     Great Western Railway
  9   "King" Class Express Loco. "King George V"         Great Western Railway
 10   "Lord Nelson" Class Express Loco. "Lord Hawke"     Southern Railway
 11   "Schools" Class Loco. "Leatherhead"                Southern Railway
 12   Express Locomotive "Remembrance"                   Southern Railway
 13   Express Locomotive                                 Great Southern Railways, Ireland
 14   Drumm Battery Train                                Great Southern Railways, Ireland
 15   Express Locomotive "Kestrel"                       Great Northern Railway, Ireland
 16   Express Locomotive "Duke of Abercorn"              N.C.C. (L.M.S.R.), Ireland
 17   Express Locomotive                                 Paris-Orleans-Midi Railways, France
 18   Heavy Freight Locomotive                           P.L.M. Railway, France
 19   Suburban Tank Locomotive                           Eastern Railway, France
 20   Express Locomotive                                 Madrid, Zaragoza & Alicante Railway, Spain
 21   Streamlined Express Locomotive                     Belgian National Railways
 22   Heavy Freight Tank Locomotive                      Netherlands Railways
 23   Express Locomotive                                 German State Railways
 24   Heavy Freight Locomotive                           German State Railways
 25   Electric Passenger & Freight Loco.                 Swiss Federal Railways
 26   Express Locomotive                                 Austrian Federal Railways
 27   2 Ft. 6 In. Gauge Locomotive                       Lithuanian State Railways
 28   Heavy Freight Loco.                                U.S.S.R. Railways
 29   Freight Locomotive                                 Turkish State Railways
 30   Articulated Express Locomotive                     Algerian Railways
 31   Express Locomotive "Mohamed Ali El Kebir"          Egyptian State Railways
 32   Articulated Loco. "Emir of Katsina"                Nigerian Government Railway
 33   Passenger Freight Locomotive                       Kenya & Uganda Railways
 34   Express Locomotive                                 South African Government Rlys.
 35   Articulated Heavy Freight Locomotive               South African Government Rlys.
 36   Express Locomotive                                 North Western Railway, India
 37   Express Locomotive                                 Bengal-Nagpur Railway, India
 38   Diesel-Electric Passenger Locomotive               Royal Siamese State Railways
 39   Mixed-Traffic Loco.                                Canton-Hankow Railway, China
 40   Express Locomotive                                 Imperial Govt. Rlys. of japan
 41   Heavy Passenger Loco. "Sir George Murray"          South Australian Govt. Rlys.
 42   Express Locomotive                                 New Zealand Government Rlys.
 43   Express Locomotive                                 Canadian National Railways
 44   Heavy Passenger & Freight Locomotive               Canadian Pacific Railway
 45   Articulated Heavy Freight Locomotive               Northern Pacific Railway, U.S.A.
 46   Express Passenger Locomotive                       Northern Pacific Railway, U.S.A.
 47   Streamlined Locomotive "Commodore Vanderbilt"      N.Y.C. Railroad, U.S.A.
 48   Diesel-Electric Train "Burlington Zephyr"          C.B.&Q Railroad, U.S.A.
 49   Articulated Express Locomotive                     San Paulo (Brazilian) Railway
 50   Heavy Freight Loco.                                Buenos Ayres & Pacific Railway, Argentina

©2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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