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Round Europe
Wills's Embassy Cigarettes - 1936

Notes:  Cards are approximately 2" x 3".  Card fronts feature black-and-
white photographs and card backs feature descriptive text.

No.   Location                   Landmark

  1   Bruges                     The Belfry
  2   Brussels                   The Royal Palace
  3   The Hague                  The Mauritshuis
  4   Amsterdam                  The Niewe Markt
  5   Hamburg                    The Town Hall
  6   Hohenschwangau, Bavaria    The Castle
  7   Dresden                    The Opera House
  8   Berlin                     The Brandenburg Gate
  9   Berlin                     The Cathedral
 10   Copenhagen                 A Typical View
 11   Oslo                       The Karl-Johans Gate
 12   Hellesylt                  On the Fjord
 13   Gothenburg                 A Canal in the Town
 14   Stockholm                  View of the Old Town
 15   Helsingfors                The House of Representatives
 16   Moscow                     The Kremlin
 17   Riga                       General View
 18   Kovno                      The State Legislature
 19   Danzig                     The Quay
 20   Warsaw                     The Willanow Palace
 21   Prague                     The Hradcany Palace
 22   Vienna                     The University
 23   Salzburg                   General View
 24   Innsbruck                  The Main Street
 25   Budapest                   The Parliament House
 26   Bucharest                  The Calea Victoriei
 27   Sofia                      General View
 28   Constantinople             An Old Street
 29   Athens                     The Acropolis
 30   Tirana                     A Street Scene
 31   Belgrade                   The Old Royal Palace
 32   Dubrovnik                  The Harbour
 33   Venice                     The Grand Canal
 34   Rome                       St. Peter's
 35   Naples                     The Bay of Naples
 36   Palermo                    The Cathedral
 37   St. Moritz                 General View
 38   Lucerne                    General View
 39   Switzerland                The Matterhorn
 40   Strasbourg                 A Corner of the Cathedral Square
 41   Paris                      The Hôtel de Ville
 42   Versailles                 The Palace
 43   Lourdes                    The Basilica
 44   Carcassonne                The Cité
 45   Monaco                     The Harbour
 46   Barcelona                  The Plaza de Cataluña
 47   Gibraltar                  The Rock
 48   Lisbon                     Rossio Square

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