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Who is this? (Film Stars)
   Ardath Tobacco - 1936

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature sepia photos 
of part of an actor's face, with a clue to assist in identification. Card backs offer 
the answer and descriptive text.

No.   Artist                Clue                                                Affiliation

  1   Elizabeth Allan       Who is this winsome English beauty?                 Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer
  2   George Arliss         Has made history live - who?                        Gaumont British
  3   Yvonne Arnaud         Who has so intriguing an accent?
  4   Fred Astaire          A dancing favourite - who is he?                    Radio Films
  5   Wallace Beery         Bombastic - but a heart of gold - who?              Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer
  6   Joan Bennett          A beautiful screen star - who is she?               Paramount
  7   Elisabeth Bergner     You recognize this bewitching smile?
  8   Madeleine Carroll     Wistful appealing beauty - who is she?              Gaumont-British
  9   Claudette Colbert     Irresistingly captivating - who is she?             Paramount
 10   Ronald Colman         Romantic and dashing - who is he?                   United Artists
 11   Gary Cooper           Determined lips - resolute eyes - whose are they?   Paramount
 12   Joan Crawford         Those eyes - surely you know them?                  Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer
 13   Marlene Dietrich      Who is it holds us in enchantment?
 14   Robert Donat          Tall, dark, and handsome - who is he?               London Films
 15   Madge Evans           Whose lovely eyes and tender smile?                 Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer
 16   Gracie Fields         Everybody's favourite - name please?                Associated Talking Pictures
 17   Kay Francis           Who is this famous screen star?
 18   Clark Gable           Firm lips, humorous eyes - whose?                   Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer
 19   Greta Garbo           Whose cold serenity masks a depth of feeling?
 20   Janet Gaynor          Who possesses captivating charm?                    20th Century Fox
 21   Ann Harding           Who is this of sweetly serious mien?
 22   Jean Harlow           Whose beauty is framed by this lovely hair?         Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer
 23   Katharine Hepburn     Who is this red haired tempestuous genius?          Radio
 24   Miriam Hopkins        Provocative and tantalising - who?                  United Artists
 25   Leslie Howard         Who is so charmingly natural?
 26   Elissa Landi          Mysterious, alluring - who is she?
 27   Charles Laughton      Perfect butler, perfect "king" - who is he?
 28   Carole Lombard        Sweetness personified - who is she?                 Paramount
 29   Myrna Loy             Whose dimples and laughing eyes are these?          Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer
 30   Jeanette MacDonald    Glorious voice - infection smile - whose?           Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer
 31   Fredric March         Strong compelling features - whose?
 32   Herbert Marshall      Whose are these sympathetic eyes and lips?
 33   Robert Montgomery     A jester, debonair and gay - who is he?             Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer
 34   Grace Moore           Peerless voice - joyous smile - whose?              Columbia
 35   Jean Muir             A film star from Scotland
 36   Anna Neagle           Dynamic personality, vivacious smile - whose?       Herbert Wilcox Productions
 37   Merle Oberon          Glamour surrounds her - who is she?                 United Artists
 38   Maureen O'Sullivan    Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer
 39   Zasu Pitts            Pathos tinges her humour - who is she?
 40   William Powell        Whose is this whimsical smile?
 41   Ginger Rogers         Who is fascinating from head to dancing feet?       Radio Films
 42   Norma Shearer         Beauty combined with talent - who is it?            Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer
 43   Anna Sten             You know this adorable face?                        Garrett and Klement
 44   Sylvia Sidney         Witchery is in the expressive eyes of - who?        Paramount
 45   Shirley Temple        Who is the world's sweetheart?                      Fox
 46   Conrad Veidt          Whose piercing eyes are these?                      Gaumont-British
 47   Helen Vinson          Sincerity is in her smile - who is she?
 48   Tom Walls             Who is this popular film star sportsman?            Gaumont-British
 49   Diana Wynyard         Such classic beauty - who is she?                   Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer
 50   Loretta Young         Whose soulful eyes and wistful smile?               20th Century Fox

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