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Wild Flowers, A Series
  Wills's Cigarettes - 1936
  Wills's Cigarettes (Eire) - 1936
  Reprinted 1999 - Card Collectors Society

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  This series can be distinguished
from the 1923 Wills set by the name by the adhesive card-backs.  Separate editions
were issued in the U.K. and in Eire.

No.   Title                           Classification

  1   Larger Bindweed                 Convolvulus sepium
  2   Bluebell                        Scilla nonscripta
  3   Common Broom                    Cystisus scoparius
  4   Red Campion                     Lychnis dioica
  5   Lesser Celandine                Ranunculus Ficaria
  6   Colt's-Foot                     Tussilago Farfara
  7   Corn-Cockle                     Lychnis Githago
  8   Cornflower or Bluebottle        Centaurea Cyanus
  9   Corn Marigold                   Chrysanthemum segetum
 10   Cowslip                         Primula veris
 11   Meadow Crane's-Bill             Geranium pratense
 12   Cuckoo-Pint or Wild Arum        Arum maculatum
 13   Forget-Me-Not                   Myosotis palustris
 14   Furze or Gorse                  Ulex europaeus
 15   Herb-Robert                     Geranium Robertianum
 16   Honeysuckle                     Lonicera Periclymenum
 17   Yellow Iris                     Iris Pseud-acorus
 18   Knapweed                        Centaurea nigra
 19   Lady's Smock or Cuckoo-Flower   Cardamine pratensis
 20   Common Ling or Heather          Calluna vulgaris
 21   Common Mallow                   Malva sylvestris
 22   Marsh Marigold                  Caltha palustris
 23   Water Mint                      Mentha aquatica
 24   Woody Nightshade                Solanum Dulcamara
 25   Early Purple Or4chis            Orchis mascula
 26   Spotted Orchis                  Orchis maculata
 27   Lesser Periwinkle               Vinca minor
 28   Scarlet Pimpernel               Anagallis arvensis
 29   Field Poppy                     Papaver Rhoeas
 30   Yellow Horned Poppy             Glaucium flavum
 31   Primrose                        Primula vulgaris
 32   Ragwort                         Senecio Jacobaea
 33   Rest-Harrow                     Ononis arvensis
 34   Dog Rose                        Rosa canina
 35   St. John's Wort                 Hypericum perforatum
 36   Field Scabious                  Scabiosa arvensis
 37   Sea Holly                       Eryngium maritimum
 38   Silver-Weed                     Potentilla anserina
 39   Germander Speedwell             Veronica Chamaedrys
 40   Biting Stone-Crop               Sedum acre
 41   Tansy                           Tanacetum vulgare
 42   Spear Plume-Thistle             Carduus lanceolatus
 43   Thrift or Sea-Pink              Armeria maritima
 44   Yellow Toad-Flax                Linaria vulgaris
 45   ARed Valerian                   Centranthus ruber
 46   Tufted Vetch                    Vicia Cracca
 47   Violet                          Genus: Viola
 48   Great Hairy Willow-Herb         Epilobium hirsutum
 49   Rose-Bay Willow-Herb            Epilobium angustifolium
 50   Yarrow                          Achillea millefolium

 --   (Card Album)

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