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Champions of 1936
  Ogden's Cigarettes - 1937
  Reprinted 2000 - Card Collectors Society

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Thanks to Kyle DeRoy for the original checklist!

No.   Champion                         Renown

  1   C. Johnson                       World's High Jump Champion
  2   J. E. Lovelock                   World's 1,500 metres Champion
  3   Jesse Owens                      Olympic Games 100 metres, 200 metres and Long Jump Champion
  4   Charles Gardner                  Winner of King's Cup Air Race
  5   Squadron-Leader F. R. D. Swain   Holder of World's Altitude Record
  6   Miss T. Kingsbury                All-England Badminton Women's Champion
  7   R. C. F. Nichols                 All-England Badminton Men's Champion
  8   Joe Davis                        Professional Billiards and Snooker Champion of England
  9   P. H. Matthews                   British Amateur Snooker Champion
 10   J. Thompson                      Amateur Billiards Champion of England
 11   G. D. Goodson                    Flat Green Bowls Champion of England
 12   J. Braddock                      World's Heavyweight Champion
 13   Ben Foord                        British and Empire Professional Heavyweight Champion
 14   Dr. Max Euwe                     Chess Champion of the World
 15   Derbyshire C.C.C.                County Cricket Champions
 16   W. R. Hammond                    Top of Cricket Batting Averages
 17   H. Larwood                       Top of Cricket Bowling Averages
 18   J. Scherens                      World's Cycling Champion
 19   Arsenal A.F.C.                   F.A. Cup Winners
 20   Sunderland A.F.C.                Football League Champions
 21   Hull R.F.C.                      Northern Rugby League Champions
 22   Leeds R.F.C.                     Rugby League Cup Winners
 23   Miss Pam Barton                  Ladies' Open Golf Champion
 24   A. H. Padgham                    Open Golf Champion
 25   H. Thomson                       Open Amateur Golf Champion
 26   "Fine Jubilee"                   Winner of Greyhound Derby
 27   "Hand Grenade"                   Waterloo Cup Winner 
 28   Viscount Astor                   Champion Owner
 29   Gordon Richards                  Champion Jockey
 30   "Mahmoud"                        Derby Winner
 31   "Reynoldstown"                   Grand National Winner
 32   Miss Sonja Henie                 Winter Olympic Games Champion
 33   Miss Helen Jacobs                All-England Lawn Tennis Women's Champion
 34   F. J. Perry                      All-England Lawn Tennis Men's Champion
 35   Sir Malcolm Campbell             Land Speed Champion
 36   J. Guthrie                       Winner Senior T.T. Race
 37   Lionel Van Praag                 World's Speedway Champion
 38   Gar Wood                         World's Speed Boat Champion
 39   H. R. Pearce                     World's Sculling Champion
 40   Sgt. L. D. Busschau              King's Prize Winner, Bisley
 41   F. Dove                          National 100 Yards Swimming Champion
 42   Mrs. O. L. Wadham                National 100 Yards Swimming Champion
 43   "Juno"                           Champion Police Horse
 44   Commandant J. G. O'Dwyer         King George V Cup Winner
 45   "Old House Conquering Mimic"     Junior Stallion Champion
 46   "Cruggleton Beverley"            Champion Shorthorn of British Isles
 47   Chow "Choonam Hung Kwong"        Champion of Cruft's Dog Show
 48   "Croyland Chantress"             Champion of Kennel Club Dog Show 
 49   "Bill Bay"                       Champion Racing Pigeon
 50   "Endeavour I"                    The America's Cup Challenger

©2001, 2003 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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