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Crystal Palace Souvenir Cards
R. & J. Hill Cigarettes - 1937

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-1/2" x 2-3/4", and were issued in two
varieties: "matt" (matte) and "varnished" (glossy).  Card fronts feature black-
and-white artwork and card backs feature descriptive text.  Thanks to Maple
Leaf Collectibles for the checklist!

No.   Scene

  1   The Crystal Palace, Hyde Park
  2   Sir Joseph Paxton
  3   The Blotting-Paper Sketch
  4   Albert, Prince Consort
  5   The Queen's Boudoir
  6   Great Exhibition Interior
  7   Great Exhibition Grounds
  8   Great Exhibition Interior
  9   Great Exhibition Interior
 10   Great Exhibition Interior
 11   Great Exhibition Interior
 12   The Crystal Palace
 13   Opening of The Crystal Palace, Sydenham
 14   The Archbishop's Prayer at the Opening of The Crystal Palace
 15   Queen Victoria Declaring The Crystal Palace Open
 16   Napoleon III Visits The Crystal Palace
 17   The Fountains
 18   Peace Trophy and Scutari Monument
 19   The Mendelssohn Festival
 20   Steam Fire Engines at The Crystal Palace
 21   The Fireworks at the The Crystal Palace
 22   Christmas Entertainments at the Palace
 23   The North Transept Destroyed By Fire
 24   The Palace Aquarium
 25   M. Blondin at The Crystal Palace
 26   Blondin's Fall at The Crystal Palace
 27   Visit of the Shah of Persia
 28   The Tsar's Visit to The Crystal Palace
 29   Dr. Carver's Rifle Shooting
 30   The Grand Organ
 31   The Pneumatic Railway
 32   The Italian Court
 33   The Egyptian Court
 34   Festival of Empire
 35   Football at the Palace, 1911
 36   Band Competitions
 37   The Great Towers
 38   Aerial View of the Fire
 39   Palace Destroyed By Fire
 40   Remains of The Crystal Palace
©2003 Maple Leaf Collectibles, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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