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Famous Bridges of the World
Co-Op - 1937

Notes:  Many thanks to Pieter van der Zwaart for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Sidney Harbour Bridge
  2   Hawkesbury Bridge
  3   Birchenough Bridge
  4   George Washington Bridge
  5   Bridge of San Francisco
  6   The Forth Bridge
  7   Potomac Memorial Bridge
  8   Brooklyn Bridge
  9   Sault Ste Marie Canal Bascule Bridge
 10   The Clifton Suspension Bridge
 11   Menai Suspension Bridge
 12   The Britannia Tubular Bridge
 13   Rialto Bridge 
 14   The Iron Bridge Coalbrookdale
 15   Quebec Bridge
 16   The Ponte Vecchio
 17   Grosvenor Bridge
 18   Florida East Coast Railway Bridge
 19   Niagara Suspension Bridge
 20   King John Bridge
 21   Royal Albert Bridge
 22   Dee Bridge
 23   Berwick Railway Bridge
 24   The Izat Bridge
 25   Zambezi River Railway Bridge
 26   Tower Bridge
 27   Manhattan Bridge
 28   Monnow Bridge
 29   The Bridge of Sighs
 30   Conway Suspension Bridge
 31   Sejourne Bridge over the Pedrouse
 32   Wren's Bridge
 33   Bridge at Bassano
 34   Runcorn Transporter Bridge
 35   Bonn
 36   Old Bridge at Mostar
 37   Middlesbrough Vertical Lift Bridge
 38   The Pont du Gard
 39   The New Tay Bridge
 40   Montreal Harbour Bridge
 41   Hell Gate Bridge
 42   Williamsburg
 43   Ponte Sul Ticino
 44   Transporter Bridge
 45   Roman Aqueduct
 46   Pont Adolphe
 47   Delaware River Suspension Bridge
 48   Hudson River Bridge
 49   Tyne Bridge
 50   Westminster Bridge

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©2008 Pieter van der Zwaart, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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