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Speedway Riders
   John Player & Sons - 1937
   Reprinted 2000 - Card Collectors Society

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Thanks much to Kyle DeRoy
for the original checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Joe Abbott (Belle Vue)
  2   Arthur Atkinson (West Ham)
  3   Phil Bishop (West Ham)
  4   Gordon Byers
  5   Dicky Case (Hackney Wick)
  6   Frank Charles (Wembley)
  7   Eric Chitty (West Ham)
  8   Bill Clibbett (Hackney Wick)
  9   Eric Collins (Wimbledon)
 10   Tommy Croombs (West Ham)
 11   Bill Dallison (Southampton) (Harringay)
 12   Jack Dixon (West Ham)
 13   Acorn Dobson (Belle Vue)
 14   Frank Goulden (Southampton)
 15   Stan Greatrex (New Cross)
 16   George Greenwood (Nottingham)
 17   Max Grosskreutz
 18   Morian Hansen (Hackney Wick)
 19   Bob Harrison (Belle Vue)
 20   Vic Huxley
 21   Ron Johnson (New Cross)
 22   Nobby Key (New Cross)
 23   Wally Kilmister (Wembley)
 24   Bill Kitchen (Belle Vue)
 25   Gus Kuhn (Wimbledon)
 26   Billy Lamont (Nottingham)
 27   Eric Langton (Belle Vue)
 28   Ginger Lees (Wembley)
 29   Walter Lloyd (Wembley)
 30   Cordy Milne (Hackney Wick)
 31   Jack Milne (New Cross)
 32   Mick Murphy (New Cross)
 33   George Newton (New Cross)
 34   Jack Ormston (Harringay)
 35   Jack Parker (Harringay)
 36   Cliff Parkinson (Wembley)
 37   Tommy Price (Liverpool)
 38   Geoff Pymar (Wimbledon)
 39   Claude Rye (Wimbledon)
 40   Jack Sharp (Wimbledon)
 41   Harry Shepherd (Bristol)
 42   Dicky Smythe (Harringay)
 43   Tiger Stevenson (West Ham)
 44   Fred Strecker (Nottingham)
 45   Lionel Van Praag (Wembley)
 46   Frank Varey (Belle Vue)
 47   Colin Watson (Wembley)
 48   Bluey Wilkinson (West Ham)
 49   George Wilks (Hackney Wick)
 50   Dicky Wise (Norwich)

©2001, 2003, 2005 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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