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The Story of Navigation
  Churchman's Cigarettes - 1937
  Reprinted 1999 - Card Collectors Society

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8". Many thanks to Kyle
DeRoy for the original checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Crossing a River on a Log
  2   A Dug-Out Log Canoe
  3   A West African Fishing Dug-Out
  4   A Welsh Coracle
  5   A "Guffa" on the Tigris
  6   An Early Egyptian Sea-Going Ship
  7   An Egyptian River Boat
  8   An Egyptian Sea-Going Ship
  9   A Greek War-Galley
 10   A Roman War-Galley
 11   A Roman Sailing Ship
 12   A Viking Ship
 13   A Ship of the Cinque Ports
 14   A Mediaeval Mediterranean Ship
 15   A Flemish Carrack
 16   Columbus's "Santa Maria"
 17   A Sixteenth-Century Merchantman
 18   The "Harry Grâce à Dieu"
 19   A Tudor War-Ship
 20   An Elizabethan Galleon
 21   The "Sovereign of the Seas"
 22   A Dutch Man-of-War
 23   The "Prince"
 24   A 70-Gun Ship
 25   An English Hoy
 26   The "Bucentaur"
 27   A Maltese Galley
 28   A Naval Schooner
 29   Nelson's "Victory"
 30   A Naval Cutter
 31   An 18-Gun Sloop
 32   East India Company's Packet "Swallow"
 33   A 28-Gun Frigate
 34   H.M.S. "Queen Charlotte"
 35   East Indiaman "Earl Balcarras"
 36   West Indiaman "Medina"
 37   H.M. Brig "Fantôme"
 38   The Blackwall Frigate "Anglessey"
 39   Clipper Ship "Cutty Sark"
 40   The Race between the China Clippers "Taeping" and "Ariel"
 41   The Four-Masted Barque "California"
 42   The "Charlotte Dundas"
 43   The "Comet"
 44   P.S. "William Fawcett"
 45   P.S. "Britannia"
 46   S.S. "Great Britain"
 47   The "Great Eastern"
 48   R.M.S. "Mauretania"
 49   M.V. "Georgic"
 50   Q.S.T.S. "Queen Mary"

©2001, 2002 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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