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Trains of the World
Gallaher Ltd. - 1937

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Equipment                                Line

 1    Diesel-Electric Rail Car                 North Western State Railway of India
 2    Diesel-Electric Train                    San Paulo Railway (Brazil)
 3    The Capitol Limited                      Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (U.S.A.)
 4    The Scarborough Flier                    London and North Eastern Railway
 5    The Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway
 6    The Cheltenham Flyer                     Great Western Railway
 7    The Torbay Express                       Great Western Railway
 8    Petrol Railcar                           Sligo, Leitrim and Northern Counties Railway, Ireland
 9    The Green Diamond                        Illinois Central System (U.S.A.)
10    Ceylon Government Railway
11    Streamlined Railcar                      Great Western Railway
12    The Melbourne Express                    South Australian Government Railways
13    Vitznau-Rigi Railway (Switzerland)
14    The Royal Scot                           London Midland and Scottish Railways
15    The Royal Blue                           Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (U.S.A.)
16    The Blue Comet                           Central Railroad of New Jersey (U.S.A.)
17    Streamlined Steam Train                  Paris, Lyons and Mediterranean Railway
18    Diesel Train                             Netherlands Railways
19    The Dominion                             Canadian Pacific Railway
20    Great Indian Peninsula Railway
21    The North Atlantic Express               L.M.S. Northern Counties Committe, Northern Ireland
22    Diesel Rail Motor Train                  Queensland Government Railways
23    The Snowdon Mountain Railway
24    Standard Shunting Locomotive             German State Railways
25    Pullman-Equipped Streamline Train        Union Pacific Railroad
26    Mail Train                               Kenya and Uganda Railways and Harbours
27    Streamlined Locomotive                   Canadian National Railways
28    The Limited Express                      New Zealand Government Railways
29    The Eastern Belle                        London and North Eastern Railway
30    The International Limited                Canadian National Railways
31    Central Uruguay Railway - South America
32    The Earl Marischal                       London and North Eastern Railway
33    Electric Train                           Railways and Tramways Company of Piacenza, Italy
34    The Irish Mail                           London Midland and Scottish Railway
35    The Dublin-Belfast Express               Great Northern Railway, Ireland
36    The Sunny South Express                  London Midland and Scottish Railway
37    Diesel-Electric Train                    Buenos Ayres Great Southern Railway, Argentina
38    The Brighton Belle                       Southern Railway
39    The Cornish Riviera Express              Great Western Railway
40    Streamlined Locomotive                   Pennsylvania Railroad
41    Mail Train                               Sudan Railways
42    Snow Plough                              Swedish State Railways
43    The St. Gotthard Express                 Swiss Federal Railways
44    The Flying Scotsman                      London and North Eastern Railway
45    The Atlantic Coast Express               Southern Railway
46    The Flying Hamburger                     German State Railways
47    The Silver Jubilee                       London and North Eastern Railway
48    The Zephyr                               Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad
©2001 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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