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Aircraft of the Royal Air Force
Player's Cigarettes - 1938
    Reprinted 1990 - Imperial Publishing

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Title

  1   The Airspeed "Envoy" of the King's Flight
  2   Avro "Rota" Army Co-operation Autogiro Aircraft
  3   Hawker "Audax" Army Co-operation Aircraft
  4   Hawker "Hector" Army Co-operation Aircraft
  5   Westland "Lysander" Army Co-operation Aircraft
  6   Armstrong Whitworth "Whitley" Bomber
  7   Blackburn "Skua" Dive Bomber Fighter
  8   Boulton Paul "Overstrand" Bomber
  9   Bristol "Blenheim" Bomber
 10   Bristol "Bombay" Bomber Transport Aircraft
 11   Fairey "Battle" Bomber
 12   Fairey "Gordon" Bomber
 13   Fairey "Hendon" Bomber
 14   Fairey Unnamed Bomber
 15   Handley Page "Hampden" Bomber
 16   Handley Page "Harrow" Bomber
 17   Handley Page "Heyford" Bomber
 18   Hawker "Hind" Bomber
 19   Vickers "Vildebeest" Torpedo Bomber
 20   Vickers "Wellington I" Bomber
 21   Gloster "Gauntlet" Fighter
 22   Gloster "Gladiator" Fighter
 23   Gloster Unnamed Fighter
 24   Hawker "Demon" Fighter
 25   Hawker "Demon I (Turret)" Fighter
 26   Hawker "Fury" Fighter
 27   Hawker "Hurricane" Fighter
 28   Supermarine "Spitfire I" Fighter
 29   Saro "London" Flying Boat
 30   Short "Singapore III" Flying Boat
 31   Short "Sunderland" Flying Boat
 32   Supermarine "Scapa" Flying Boat
 33   Supermarine "Stranraer" Reconnaissance Flying Boat
 34   Supermarine "Walrus" Amphibian
 35   Vickers "Vincent" General Purpose Aircraft
 36   Vickers "Wellesley" General Purpose Aircraft
 37   Westland "Wapiti" General Purpose Aircraft
 38   Avro "Anson" General Reconnaissance Aircraft
 39   Fairey "Swordfish" Torpedo Spotter Reconnaissance Aircraft
 40   Hawker "Osprey" IV Torpedo Spotter Reconnaissance Aircraft
 41   Airspeed Unnamed Radio-Controlled Target Aircraft
 42   D.H. "Queen Bee" Radio-Controlled Target Aircraft
 43   Airspeed "Oxford" Advanced Training Aircraft
 44   Avro "Prefect" Navigational Training Aircraft
 45   Avro "Tutor" Training Aircraft
 46   D.H. "Tiger-Moth" Training Aircraft
 47   Miles "Magister" Training Aircraft
 48   Miles Unnamed Training Aircraft
 49   Vickers "Virginia" Parachute Training Aircraft
 50   Vickers "Valentia" Troop Carrier

 --   (Card Album)

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