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Garden Hints
W. D. & H.O. Wills - 1938
W. D. & H.O. Wills (Eire) - 1938

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Two distinguishable sets were
issued, one in England and one in Eire.

No.   Title

 1    Concrete Crazy Paving
 2    A Paved Surround for the Garden Seat
 3    A Concrete Edge to the Flower Border
 4    Making a Water-Lily Pool (A)
 5    Making a Water-Lily Pool (B)
 6    Planting Water-Lilies
 7    Making a Garden Dovecot
 8    Making a Miniature Trough or Sink Garden
 9    Laying Edging Tiles
10    Making a Plant Propagating Frame
11    Ventilating the Garden Frame
12    A Slug Trap
13    Digging
14    Trenching
15    Making Seed Drills
16    Staking Standard Trees
17    Trimming Lawn Edges
18    Lifting and Laying Turf
19    Repairing Lawn Edges
20    Destroying Weeds
21    Marking Out Flower Beds
22    Planting Rose Trees
23    Pruning Standard Rose Trees
24    Planting Lily Bulbs
25    Potting Early Gladioli
26    "Stopping" Sweet Pea Seedlings
27    Layering
28    Propagating Ornamental Leaf Begonias
29    Dividing Dahlia Tubers
30    Sowing Peas
31    Making Potatoes Yield Good Crops
32    Preparing Onions for Storage
33    Dividing and Replanting Rhubarb
34    Pruning Young Apple Trees
35    Pruning Young Rede Currant Bushes
36    "Topping" Raspberry Canes
37    Grease Banding Fruit Trees
38    Bark Ringing
39    Root Pruning Cordon Fruit Trees
40    Winter Spraying
41    Sowing Small Seeds
42    Planting Out Seedlings
43    Pricking Off Seedlings
44    Watering Seeds or Seedlings
45    Taking Cuttings
46    Inserting Plant Cuttings
47    Potting Young Plants
48    Potting Plants
49    Preserving the Flavour of Apples
50    Growing a Dwarf Japanese Tree

--    (Card Album)

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