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Interesting Events in British History
Ty-phoo Tee - 1938

Note:  Cards are wide and thin, approximately 1-3/8" x 4".  One side provides
advertising for Ty-phoo (with different slogans) and a mail-in offer for an
improved fountain pen, while the reverse shows an illustration of a scene, a
cameo of a leader, and text describing the subject.

No.   Subject                                 Illustrations

 1    Roman Britain                           Hadrian's Wall / Julius Caesar
 2    The Coming of Christianity              St. Augustine Preaching / King Ethelbert
 3    The Rise of Northumbria                 Whitbey Abbey / King Edwin
 4    The West Saxon Kingdom                  Battle of Ellandune / King Egbert
 5    English Sea Power Begins                Building Our First Navy / King Alfred
 6    Struggles with the Danes                Anlaf's Ships in the Humber / King Athelstan
 7    The Normans in England                  Compiling Domesday Survey / King William I
 8    England in the Crusades                 King Richard I at Acre / King Richard I
 9    Magna Charta                            The Meeting at Runnymede / King John
10    The Hundred Years' War                  Battle of Sluys / King Edward III
11    Caxton and the English Language         Caxton at Westminster / King Edward IV
12    A Strong Personal Monarchy              Hampton Court Palace / King Henry VIII
13    The Spanish Armada                      English Fire-Ships Attacking the Armada / Queen Elizabeth
14    Struggles between King and Parliament   King Charles I at Nottingham / King Charles I
15    The Plague, The Fire, and The Dutch     Wren's St. Paul's / King Charles II
16    Protestant Succession Established       Trial of the Seven Bishops / King James II
17    The War of the Spanish Succession       Battle of Ramillies, Queen Anne
18    The South Sea Bubble                    A Mania of Speculation / King George I
19    The Birth of British India              Indian Artillery at Plassey / King George II
20    The American Revolution                 The "Boston Tea Party" / King George III
21    The Wars against Napoleon               Battle of Waterloo / The Prince Regent (afterwards George IV)
22    The Reform Bill                         Riots in Bristol / King William IV
23    Exploration of Africa                   Livingstone in Africa / Queen Victoria
24    Man Masters the Air                     Blériot Crosses the Channel / King Edward VII
25    The British Commonwealth of Nations     The King Emperor at Delhi / King George V

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